A cat-as-trophy!

We all know that the world’s most magnificent cats are rapidly dwindling, even though laws have long banned poaching, hunting, selling, or buying anything to do with tigers. Why is it then that powerful governments are unable to legislate and regulate their way through the problem and save the tiger?
For his refreshing, new perspectives on tackling the problem, Barun Mitra is now one hot cat in Asia.

One response to “A cat-as-trophy!

  1. NurseontheRun


    I think the way to save anything is to make it special. Preserve and maintain it, and people will want to see it. No tourists travel to clearcut Nicaragua…but they swarm to lush and thickly forested Costa Rica. Lessons learned.

    I am doing my part to promote Indian cats. I have a Bengal house cat named Khan. 😉


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