Hot air on global warming!

Do you really believe the global warming alarmists? I don’t. For thousands of years, as far as I know, climate changes have occurred more than what have been seen recently, and the scientists clamoring against greenhouse emissions (or whatever they call it) are not purveyors of the gospel truth.
Here is a sane voice rarely heard amidst the hysteria of the apocalyptic cries of global warming. Michael Crichton (an author I admire a lot) has made startling assertions on the environmentalists’ claims on global warming in his best-selling book State Of Fear. I recommend you buy this book, if you have not done so already.

4 responses to “Hot air on global warming!

  1. NurseontheRun

    Hmmm… are ready to believe what a writer of science thrillers proclaims after studying the subject for 3 years — while jettisoning the opinions of leading atmospheric scientists?

  2. No, Sister! 😉
    This global warming theory is hotly disputed on scientific grounds by many top environmental scientists.

  3. NurseontheRun

    It’s all relative, huh Mr. B.? 🙂
    Words like “many” are so flexible….and open to interpretation and definition.

    I think what is undisputed is that the majority of reputable scientists now support an effort to curb the production of CO2 because they are worried that the planet will not emerge livable for humans after this “cycle”.

    Remember how scientists also denied the existence of the HIV?

  4. yes, very valid point!
    i can’t resist pointing out that ‘the majority of reputable scientists’ have done and said foolish things at various stages in human history (just see what we used to do to ulcer patients before helicobacter pylori treatment).
    and don’t forget the Y2K scare!

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