The moment of truth

This poem describes a situation where a man, who lives like men always have lived, suddenly realises he is not enjoying life, because he wants to live with the girl he loved and left. As the realisation is very intense, he tries to find her, but…(which girl waits for a man, these days?)

He hears a call of sanity,
A clear voice of the truth,
A puff of dust, there goes his vanity.
He fights, nail and tooth,
But the caravan has moved on,
Helpless to his change.
Life does not spare love’s carrion,
Even as he pants into retinal range,
Breathless, sleepless. He seeks
A soul only he knows thrives
In the far caravan, he reeks
Now of lost hope and spent lives.
As the sun sets on his bent back,
He staggers forth, here and there.
Prisms of unearthly lights
His wide and heavy eyes attack,
As he blindly smiles, looking nowhere and everywhere.

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