One early morning, our group of twelve senior medical students reported to an outpatient clinic run by a consultant general surgeon. We started the day with a young chap complaining of pruritus ani (itchy butt-hole). What a way to start a day! Needless to say the patient was embarrassed to share his secret, and so were we, as we did not know what to expect.

The consultant surgeon interviewed the chap and asked him to the hot couch in knee-elbow position! While doing his digital exam, he gave us his blessings out of the corner of his eyes. Like soldiers in command, we all put our gloves on, each raising his or her index finger up in the air. With the patient looking on in awe, covering his face with his hands, each one of us got to greet his prostate! A total of thirteen of us! In sarcasm, the patient turned around while pulling his pants up and made a statement that is still ringing in my ears every time I take a medical student through such an exam: “Hey doc, for Heaven’s sakes, is this a butt or a medical university?”

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