What started as a routine delivery one night (while I was laboring in the delivery department), turned out to be a misadventure! The delivery of this stubborn baby required the use of force! The obstetrician and I were sweating bullets while maneuvering the baby’s head with forceps. We were not sure how either of us or the baby would survive this ordeal! But the baby finally decided to throw in the towel just before we did, and came out in one piece, loudly complaining about such a poor welcome to the world. The mom was doing well too. We felt like heroes and we were not about to let it go without bragging about it! We rushed to give the good news to the eager husband and father. After graphic explanations, we were ready for an onslaught of questions. To our surprise, the dad had only one thing to ask, “When can I have sex?” The Obstetrician replied,”Oh, just give me five minutes, while I go and pull out the placenta first!”

2 responses to “A MATTER OF PRIORITY!

  1. Monday Morning Power

    I love your style and your sense of humor. I can see this happening. Keep up the delightful posts.

  2. Samir Johna, MD

    Thank you! I will try! I am interested who you are!

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