I am now faced with serious issues in my life. No, nothing as trivial as surgery. I have been forced to download Firefox. I use a Mac for all my comp work, and the Safari (version 3.0 beta) was great, I thought. I just bought a domain for a new website, and bought a version that would help me design my own website without professional help. In other words, web designing for dummies at a price (remember, a fool and his money are soon parted!). When I went to try out this WebSite Tonight (a product of GoDaddy), after having paid my $100, I got an error message: “WebSite Tonight does not support your browser (Safari), please use Firefox or Windows XP.”
So (eyeballs herniating through orbits, stretching optic nerves to breaking point), Dear Daddy, why didn’t you ask me what browser I use before taking my money? You thought I was some stupid asshole who could be conned that easily, eh? Er, how did you know?? (E. Balls replaced in situ, appearance restored from Mutant Martian to Old Fart.)
Anyways, I downloaded Firefox, with its promise of being lightning fast, and have been prompted to download another 24 add-ons that will make life as smooth as, well, Thank God! As one who has looked at new downloads as you would look at a blue, new growth on your nose-tip, I am now in mortal crisis.
Any ideas or suggestions for using web development tools, all ye Web 2.0 Death Eaters?

9 responses to “CAUGHT IN A WEB OF MY OWN!

  1. The carnal rule before buying or installing any new software is checking the system requirements.

    The product you’ve bought states in the system requirements in bold: “Currently, Mac computers are not recommended for use with WebSite Tonight’s Web site building features.”

    Try to talk with their support and check their return policy. I wouldn’t recommend using it with a Mac.

  2. u paid 100$ for a tool… kidding right????
    go to rent a coder and invite developers to develop this website for you.. if the complications are not too much.. i am sure for a fraction of the charge they will take care of everything.

  3. Jeez! Ankur, are YOU kidding me?
    I thought it would cost me hundreds of dollars if I asked someone to design a website for me, and wanted to be a cheapskate! 😦

  4. Mahendra,
    My mistake not to have read the fine print!
    BTW, your Freudian slip is showing:
    ‘cardinal’ rule, not ‘carnal’. Unless the carnal rule is that one’s hardware should not succumb to software. And that one should be digital, not analog!

  5. u will find web designers a dime a dozen…. so do not break ur head or give away 100s of dollars for tools u will never use or know nothing about.
    just browse here…. and if u get someone to design then do courier me a box of chocolates.

  6. Ankur,
    Alas, I have already lost money!
    But I can always compensate by spending some more here!!

  7. Oops! I wonder if it’s a Rambodian slip rather than a Freudian! πŸ™‚

  8. There is many a slip between the hip and the lip!
    How’s that as an original quote?

  9. Doc,
    Id recommend downloading the installable version of wordpress. One can setup a very nice looking website using wordpress. The installation is painfully simple, so you just need to sign up for server space and you should be able to DIY using simple ftp.

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