The fruit for which Samir Johna makes a welcome return to this blog is over 11,000 years old, cultivated first in present day Jordan (near Jericho) much before wheat and rice. There are lots of interesting things about the fig.
First of all, this is not really a fruit, but part flower, part seed. Man’s dirty mind was attracted to its alleged phallic shape, and it became a religious symbol to the ancient Greeks, and popular with the Romans as well.
Though figs are nutritionally at the top for calcium, fiber, and antioxidant content, my interest is well beyond its physical potentials.
We all know that not giving a fig means not caring a damn. Much like how a sensible man should treat Lindsay Lohan’s antics.
In full fig means to be dressed up in smart clothes. Accordingly, figged up means to dress up and look smart.
In marketing, FIGS refer to the market represented collectively by France, Italy, Germany and Spain, which is the target of any company which wishes to break into the European market.
Sometimes, the Devil’s print may make the word appear as frig, but I really don’t know what it means.

5 responses to “A FRUIT-FOOL PURSUIT

  1. Voracious Blog Reader

    Hi Ramana,

    That was hilarious.

    As for the ‘Figg’ing-Jam, my mouth is watering. Lol.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  2. Voracious,
    Hi. Long time no see!
    Couldn’t figure out why! Network problems?
    Check the config of your PC, will ya?

  3. Very funny.

  4. Ha ha!! FIGuratively speaking, I sometimes cannog FIGure out what you’re saying, but when I do, it’s F*IGGING great! Go FIGure!

  5. Mahendra,
    Will you believe that I left that bit of pun for you to use?! 🙂
    I am not figging, I mean fibbing!

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