Sree mentioned this morning in her Independence Day greeting that we have 29 major holidays in India every year. She does not mention the minor holidays. I realize I didn’t know this.
Hmmm…29 major hols a year and 8 weekend days off a month…makes it what, 125 days of hols a year?
A total of more than 4 months off work, is that what Indians get every year?? No. In addition, you get a month off work for Casual Leave, Privileged Leave, Sick Leave and all that. That is 5 months. If you get pregnant and deliver the goods as promised in the warranty, take an additional three months off! And I am not even counting the days of enforced rest known as bandhs or hartals (basically general strikes). And, also mentioned in the fine print, is that after the tired mother joins back work, she gets to work flexi-hours (only four hours or so a day)!
So, you have, potentially, eight months of enjoy and get paid for all twelve months.
This is mind-blowing! Is India so generous?
Is that why Government employees love their jobs and won’t allow privatization, that this cocooned nest at the workplace be not disturbed?
In addition to this holiday spirit till death-do-us-apart, every region has its own specialty: for ten days every year, the Durga Pujas in the East makes a mockery of the word work. Muslims are treated more considerately for one month of Ramzan/Ramadan, and the Maharashtrians have their Ganesh Chaturthi, and.. you get the message, no one is gonna miss out on the eternal holiday spirit!
Let’s look at which group of people are exceptions: see any near you?
Well, doctors, for one!

10 responses to “TAKING LEAVE OF OUR SENSES?

  1. Happy Independence Day!

  2. Contrary to popular opinion, Indians have a lot less total number of holidays compared to Europeans. Don’t count the weekend, everyone has them. Public holidays are greater in India, but private holidays are much more in Europe.

    To clarify, I’m talking about the Indian private sector. Not just doctors, talk to anyone in the IT industry or call center industry and they’ll tell you how they spend workless days in office while their western counterparts are off holidaying for the summer or Christmas.

    I think Indians are one of the harder, if not hardest, working people in the world. Including doctors πŸ™‚

  3. Good Post , Ram and thanks for mentioning my post πŸ™‚

    Let’s look at which group of people are exceptions: see any near you?
    Well, doctors, for one! //
    oh..all self employed professionals are all in the same boat.

  4. doc – we expect you to work during our holidays because almost all you guys show up in mercedes’, BMWs and Lexuses, and live in million dollar homes. It is payback time baby!

    – just kidding ;)! I know you guys work very hard and there is lot of pressure. I admire your profession.

  5. Arunk,
    There are doctors, and there are doctors…..
    Shall I just leave it at that, or you want me to expose my financial Third World underwear in public?

  6. Good Post @rambodoc.

  7. Mahendra,
    I took a horse’s mouth estimate from some of my friends around the world, and this is what I have come up with as holidays in a year:
    Russia: 110 to 120 days, including weekends.
    France: 140 days a year.
    Brazil: 148 days.
    South Africa: 22 days of paid leave+ public holidays+ weekends (around 90 odd days, I guess).
    So, according to these estimates, India is way up in the charts with around 150 days of holidays!
    Congratulations, all of you!!

  8. I took a horses’ mouths version of holidays from my friends around the world, and these are some of the figures for annual holidays:
    France: 140 days (20 weeks), including 5 to 6 weeks of mandatory holidays (paid).
    Brazil: 148 days, including 30 days annual leave, 5 days of Christmas, 3 days of Carnal holidays (oops! carnival holidays, I mean!).
    South Africa: 22 days of paid leave plus public holidays plus weekends. Should be around 140 days.
    Russia: around 110 to 120 days.
    So, I guess India ranks quite high in the list of holiday-loving countries.
    Congratulations, all of you!

  9. China, I hear has 3 weeks of mandatory holiday during the Spring Festival (needs to be reconfirmed).

  10. A Russian friend, Denis, says this:
    “It may be interesting for you about births and mothers in Russia:
    70 days before delivery, 70-110 days after delivery and 3 years (!)
    (if you wish) of maternity leave with saved place of work and job,
    position and salary.”

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