Punning with flowers: a modern love story!


By the 15th of August, 2007, he had been pursuing Chris for a long time.
When he saw no one singing the Jana Gana Mana, he exclaimed, “Chris, anthem mum?! What’s the madder with you?”
Hellebore me not, you lily-livered pansy! Oh, I squash guys like you with my lady slippers! All you want is some honeysuckle,” she replied sagely.
Sloe to take her rebuke, he cloverly spruced up his looks, but (he thought) the cowslips did not move at all in appreciation. Another failure.
He then tried meeting her with a friend: “This is Brocco-a-Li, he works in Lahore.”
“What, a Chinese Pak Choy’s meeting a Geisha Girl, is that what you think?”
Nodding onion, he cried out, “Lotus be together, you birch! Or else I will go cuckoo and pink in the face, while you strut around like a fat hen.”
She told him with kindness, “Try to be poplar, like our President, Mr. Indigo Bush. At the very least, get your Swollen Stem Most’ard or leek your way to success. Let your willow do the talking.”
He rose from the bed, her bud unattended, somewhere near the broom cupboard. He didn’t want to salsify the bitter truth, and tell her she did not mean the cosmos to him. For this kind of mistake he would have suffered a rap on his carpels, and that, surely, would have been his luvender! He turned to her and said, “Forget-me-not!”

14 responses to “DE FLOWERING OF MAN

  1. and dalli painted a ?

  2. A dalia? Near where I live there is a road called Ekdalia (one dalia), though I have never seen one there. And this, of course, reminds one of Bertie Wooster’s Aunt Dahlia in PG Wodehouse’s stories on the young aristocratic English having one dalliance after the other, to be rescued at last by good old Jeeves. What ho?

  3. Words I think seem to fascinate you. cleverly written. 🙂

  4. Yes, Nita. Words, phrases, and the language itself.

  5. u have a way with words .
    interesting !

  6. You rose to the occasion I see. Lotus toast to your incredibly wordplay

  7. Obviously a man of many talents. I’m beginning to wonder if you’re borderline genius on one end of the spectrum and witty on the other end…

    That was a rather fragrant expression of your inner flower power…

    ~Ambre giggles~

    Thank you, Ambre! 🙂

  8. Loved it!!!! Great words too!!!!!
    You really know how to pull in a crowd!!! (-=


  9. Vivek Khadpekar


    “Rose to the occasion!” Surely that belongs in a different category of puns? By any other name!

  10. I was intrigued (and excited too*giggle*) by the post title …..disappointed to know there was no deflowering of man happening (damn!!)…..and finally.. amused by the flower power of your words. This post was some trip indeed!!

  11. Copyrioter:
    Thanks for being one of the few people who enjoyed this post. Welcome to this blog.

  12. A gem, r 🙂

    But I dare say, she wasn’t the first. He did that before to Lily, Violet and Rose. In all their morning glory. If he could reach as high, he’d even go for Holly Berry – but he knew he’d get plucked for it. As if he hadn’t taken a lady’s slipper before. Or a bottle brush. Not to mention the broom; why, even a drumstick! It’s not like that stopped him. He was too used tulip service. What’s worse, he’d go for just about anyone, a teenager orchid. Ire was what kindled his flame tip. Iris what brought him down.


  13. Gauri:
    Thanks again for the appreciation and for the clever comment that was better than the post itself!

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