I told ya!
In a previous post, in the comments section, I had mentioned the possibility that, like peptic ulcers, obesity would be found to have not merely dietary and genetic roots, but an infectious one.
Well, read this article.
A study has shown that fat people had evidence of greater exposure to an adenovirus.
On top of that, the viruses have been found to convert stem cells to fat-grabbing cells.
So, there is definite reason to think in terms of an infectious cause, but later research will probably discard this and embrace yet another attractive theory that grabs global headlines.
This is the rum thing about medicine and surgery: when you overcome years of learning and mistakes and master something (in this case bariatric surgery: the science of surgical weight reduction), they turn around and say that the surgery is obsolete. So then you start learning the new, the hip, and the latest. Only to have to turn the whole cycle again!
My next prediction: more likely not a vaccine to prevent obesity, but a pill that knocks out the hunger center in the hypothalamus, and causes massive weight loss!

19 responses to “VIRUS CAUSES OBESITY?

  1. Ok , Ram..Virus leads to obesity , but I always thought u need calories to build bulk . What can virus do if there is nothing to form fat ?

  2. Sree,
    Very true! Point taken. Obesity is a multi-factorial disease, with genetics, diet, psychology, hormones, metabolism, and now, possibly, infections playing a game between them.

  3. Hey, I’d posted my first comment two times and it didn’t appear, so I thought it went to the moderation queue. Only my second, follow-up comments is appearing above.

  4. Yeah, M! I, too, thought there was something wrong, but there is none awaiting moderation (after all, moderation is something I not capable of!). Why don’t ya take the trouble of posting again?

  5. when you overcome years of learning and mistakes and master something (in this case bariatric surgery: the science of surgical weight reduction), they turn around and say that the surgery is obsolete. //
    yaa…I agree ! unlearning is more difficult than learning something new.

  6. I’d said this confirms what we knew all along: that you are years ahead of your peers in your field! ๐Ÿ™‚

    But regarding the hypothalamus-influencing diet pill, doesn’t it exist already:

    Then I’d referred to this controversial Baby Diet Pill, with the subsequent link to the NYT article.

    I pray to WordPress to let this comment pass through! Though it talks about pills, diet, controversial,, it is not spam!

  7. Rambodoc: I tried a third time and it failed. Please check your spam queue: Go to “Comments” and “Akismet Spam”. You should find them all there, mistakenly identified as spam.

  8. Mahendra,
    I find no available Akismet spam (this must be my lucky day), but it has caught four spam so far, but there seems no way it can be viewed or retrieved.
    I am sorry!

  9. Whatever little hope one had of losing weight has gone down the drain. Thanks @rambodoc !!!!!!!!!

  10. In my own, personal, anecdotal case, I found that I weighed too much because I ate too damn much and never got any exercise. So now I don’t eat as much and I exercise more. And I don’t weigh as much.

    But naturally, this is only the results of a narrow survey, sample size 1, so it probably doesn’t mean anything. Most people probably have a virus.

  11. Prerna,
    We all have to try till we die!
    Welcome, you are funny! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I managed to recover your comments from Akismet, and also found my own comments there! D-uh!! Moronic, isn’t it?
    Now, as to your comments, currently medical management of severe obesity is not satisfactory. Whereas the weight reduction after bariatric surgery is around 70-80%, that of drug therapy is only 5-10%, and that, too, is temporary. The weight comes all back once you stop the drugs. These drugs, which we normally don’t give beyond six months to an year, do have side effects as well.

  12. I used to dream about a pill that gives all the required protien vitamin and no fat/calorie…. but I aint a doctor… or a scientist

  13. Oemar,
    “but I aint a doctorโ€ฆ or a scientist”//
    The more important question is:
    “Are you fat?”

  14. know what, Doc? The rapid change of technology? It’s not just with medicine.. it happens to software technology too.. if I decide to take a break from my work for 2 months, I’m as good as out ‘coz everything I know would have changed to something more complex (it always goes simple to complex, rarely the other way round!)..

    as to weight loss.. I never run out of excuses to give the gym a miss.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Priya,
    What’s a gym?

  16. spoken like a true doctor! ๐Ÿ˜‰ never mind the gym, where’re the french fries and coke?

  17. that pill would save me a lot of trouble!!.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Perplexed (shouldn’t it be 911?),
    Till such time, try sleeping pills.
    Or Oral Contraceptive Pills.

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