Today, I learnt that the World Journal of Surgery was published.
I find a vaguely familiar name, but somehow cannot place the guy. Must have been a blogger at some point in time.
I am fairly sure this is some silly, inconsequential, self-serving noise made under the guise of respectability (and if you have been reading this blog for some time, you know how academia likes its pomp and nomenclature), a so-called invited commentary, bah!
Hmmph! Wonder what the WJS folks will call this blog if they read it: Global Acknowledgment of Stupid Surgeons (GASS)?

8 responses to “AHEM!

  1. super! 🙂

    *thrusting mic into the Doc’s face* how does it feel, actually knowing all those high sounding words (which to my ears are no different than gibberish)?

    Which words? Global Acknowledgment of Stupid Surgeons (GASS)?

    (clears throat)..speaks with an awe-inspiring basso: “Well, the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind!”

  2. hmm..u make us proud 🙂

    With my blogging, you mean? Thanks!

  3. As soon I saw the title of that paper, all I could do was grimace, shift uncomfortable on my chair and say “Ouch!” I have no idea what the subject means, but I am sure my reaction was appropriate 🙂 !

    If you are grimacing and shifting uncomfortably in your chair while reading a blog post, you might be suffering from a scrotal hernia, but more likely from hemorrhoids (in other words, you may not be a perfect asshole!). LOL!

  4. This sounds like the surgical version of Arun’s ongoing doctoral thesis on Carnatic music to me!

    Or like GEB: Escher’s Laparoscopic view, with Bach’s Intraperitoneal compositions, mixed with Godel’s Irreducible Scrotal Theorem!

    In order words, I don’t even know what I don’t know, but I do know that this is again some great work by you. Applause, applause!

    That is one funny comment. Bravo!

  5. After reading the title a mere 8 times, I have concluded two things: (1) The article has something to do with hernias, and (2) English is no longer a safe language for the faint of heart. But congratulations on being invited to comment on… on… on hernias, I think.

    You are wasting your time with philosophy and politics. Chew your humerus bone more.

    English is no longer a safe language for the faint of heart.

    What an incredibly funny comment!

  6. “Not a perfect ass-hole” – 🙂 LOL doc!

    But I don’t shift uncomfortably in my chair when I read about oral surgery or if when I get a head-ache 😉

  7. Springer – not the “Jerry” variety I presume?

    Who knows? 🙂

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