Any time I get bored with day to day surgery and medical literature, and want to read some hot, sexy stuff, you know what I turn to?
The New England Journal of Medicine! There is more sex here than in Cosmopolitan!! The current issue of the NEJM, with the smoke still coming out of it as it rolled off the presses, deals with something I have long thought of in the repressed gyri of my cerebrum: Do old people really have sex? No, this is not another morbid thought of a sex maniac, but a major study objective of the venerable NEJM.
The study was conducted in the US on 3000 men and women between 57 and 85 years of age.
The results will put many a young one to shame:
One in four men between 75 and 85 have sex.
One in two men between 65 and 75 have sex.
Three out of four men between 57 and 64 have sex.

(What? They managed to randomly get all the dirty old men together in a study or what?)

Among sexually active people, half reported some sexual problems.

(Obviously, you are, like, trying to download a hi-def movie with a 22 kbps dial-up connection.)

The most prevalent sexual problems among women were low desire (43%), difficulty with vaginal lubrication (39%), and inability to climax (34%).

(Oh, that is news! We guys always thought that these are all part of the all-inclusive package of every woman!)

Among men, the most prevalent sexual problems were erectile difficulties (37%).

(Arrgh, the old bastards lied again!)

However, read this:

Fifty-eight percent of sexually active respondents in the youngest-age group reported engaging in oral sex, as compared with 31% in the oldest age group.

(To that, I can only curl up my lips and say, “Interesting!”)
The authors estimate that half the men and a quarter of the women masturbated at least once in the past year, the poor things!
The authors conclude that if grandma or grandpa is fit and happening, and is not a diabetic, chances are he or she is hitting the sack for the right reasons!

Women are less likely than men to have a spousal or other intimate relationship and to be sexually active.

Yeah, and a couple of years later, they will publish another landmark paper in the NEJM that this truism is valid for sexually active women between 7 and 77, as well.

Sexual problems are frequent among older adults, but these problems are infrequently discussed with physicians.

Not me! I am a surgeon, and more likely to chop your stuff off if you complain too much, but you can tell me whatever you want!

12 responses to “OLD MEN ARE GAME, BUT WOMEN?

  1. Interesting study, and I think older people do have a lot of sex, if they can that is. 🙂 I had a friend whose grandparents (over 90) were ‘ordered’ by the doctor to stop their nocturnal activities because of some health problems! I remember I was quite surprised to hear that people over 90 had a strong libido!

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  3. What an erotic post!! Or is that goat really hot … I need to logout and go to sleep……

    Let’s not bleat about the bush!


  4. Ah, we’re back to the NEJM – Nonsense Erotica Journal of the Mindless!

    One in twenty-four hundred men between 75 and 85 participated in this study.
    One in twelve hundred men between 65 and 75 participated in this study.
    Three out of four hundred men between 57 and 64 participated in this study.

    Don’t tell me the researchers actually witnessed these respondents having sex; it was just a questionnaire, in which fantasies are more likely to get reflected than reality!

    I’m surprised Nita did manage to know someone out of those 3 or 4 among the hundreds!

    Wait a minute! Where did you get those figures? There are around 500 men in each age group, a little less in the octagenarians.
    A lot of science is based on questionnaires, but that should not stop us from poking fun at them. After all, what is blogging for?

  5. This is heartening news! My most profound goal in life has always been to become a Dirty Old Man. At 50, I am only getting started!

    Once you master it, don’t blog it! You will lose the opportunity to make the most obscene amount of money after Bill Gates! Write a book!!


  6. :)) I like that goatie there…cute one !

    I am reminded of what my grandad said a few years back !
    A film magazine had put Karishma Kapoor’s picture on the glossy cover and the caption read “Its a little known fact that my grandparents sleep in different rooms”.
    My grandad showed me that and said “why? what’s so secretive about that…even ur grandparents sleep in different rooms”

    It is possible that some parents, forget grandparents, have slept in separate rooms before the birth of a celebrity!

  7. oh ! Miracle baby !

  8. Watch ‘Cheeni Kum’ Mr Bachachan is 64 in that film and is seducing a young woman. There was a news a couple of months back about this 80 year old who gives credit to camel milk for his fertility.
    //Don’t tell me the researchers actually witnessed these respondents having sex; it was just a questionnaire, in which fantasies are more likely to get reflected than reality!//@ Mahendrap has a point.

    Yes, camel’s milk: for vim, vigor and vitality!
    (one of my bosses used to say that about his youthful appearance)

  9. What would them poor old fellas do without Viagra? I’m undecided as to which was stronger, my coffee or the visual I now have prowling the chambers of my mind…

    I must run, as I am presently in dire need of a fairly neutralizing ‘pun gun’ able to leap loaded puns in a single bound!

    ~Ambre smiles~

    These issues are part of the viagries of life! The true punner will always run/gun with pun.

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  11. Inspiring statistics providing hope for inspirational twilight years . I thought post 55 men play pool with ropes rather than with rods .

  12. I love cheesse goats hell yea

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