Reading recent news, I have coined some new metaphors, etc. Check ’em out:

*As slow as rally-struck traffic.

*As disposable as a ticketless traveler in an Indian train.

*As explosive as a Nokia phone.

*As disappointing as a Sholay remake.

*As sickening as American ground beef.

*Holier than a weighed-down fattie.

*As provocative as a doctor on strike.

*As lucrative as a Korean kidnap.

Update: I am reliably informed by Krish Ashok that these are not metaphors, but similies. Goof up noted and acknowledged. It is because I had that ‘what is it called’ thing that I put in the ‘Etc.’ in the title. Clever me!

9 responses to “METAPHORS, ETC.

  1. The post has lived up to the name you have given to your blog. A twist of word and mind. Damn good.

  2. I will sure use these metaphors regularly. I hope that wouldn’t mean copyright infringement 🙂

  3. good ones 🙂
    the nokia one is really apt !

  4. As entertaining as a Rambodoc!

  5. Putting on Inglis teecher hat,
    Those are “similies” no? Where comparisons like “As” or “like” are used? Metaphors would be:

    That bomb is a nokia phone. His exam was a sholay remake.

    Exactly what I wanted you to say! That is why I put in the ‘etc.’!!

  6. As good as Rambodoc’s other posts

  7. Doc,

    One of my relatives-by-marriage, who lived in Kolkata (then Calcutta) from the 1960s to the early ’90s, used to often refer to some place or the other being “just a bomb’s throw away”. I hope Krish Ashok accepts that as a metaphor — or anyway, some figure of speech a bit more specific that “etc.”

  8. Vivek,
    Good one. Here’s another:
    In Bengali, these home-made bombs are called paetos. So, a good expression: I live two paetometers away from the Gariahat bus stop.

  9. Doc,

    If, in keeping with the American practice of simplifying -ae- to -e-, you were to make it “peto”, that in Spanish means, “the top part of an apron or overalls, covering the chest”. I am petrified at the thought of Mamatadi finding out this!

    Do you actually live in Gariahat. That, and College Street in N. Kolkata, are two “must visit” places for me whenever I visit your city.

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