The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is up in arms. The College has just issued a health warning to women who may be interested in surgical procedures that are called Vaginal Rejuvenation or Revirgination.
Proponents of these operations say that in mature women, vaginas become loose from childbirth and age, and so, if you get them tightened up, you are going to have a tighter fit, and greater pleasure, during sex. That is not all. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are potential customers of cosmetic reconstruction of the external genitalia. If someone wants the inner labia trimmed, or a pigmented portion removed, or the external lips plumped up, she is a candidate for this brand of surgery.

There is even a GShot that claims to amplify the fabled G spot of the vagina. Basically, the G (Grafenburg) spot is a point in the front wall of the vagina where the maximum sensory stimulation is present. By injecting human collagen at the point, the G-spot projects into the vagina by almost a couple of centimeters (it is claimed), and thus is more easily stimulated during intercourse. Testimonials in websites rave about orgasms arising out of bumpy car rides, intercourse be damned! It is claimed that 87% of women benefit from this!
All these procedures are of unproven benefit, unnecessary and have potential side effects, says the ACOG. The College has come out with an advisory release that says:

It is imperative that studies on these procedures be conducted and published in peer-reviewed publications so that the evidence and clinical outcomes can be reviewed. Until that time, the absence of data supporting the safety and efficacy of these procedures makes their recommendation untenable.

ACOG also states “these procedures are not medically indicated.”
Fine, so why doesn’t the College help start trials to disprove this notion amongst some specialists and women that these plastic surgery procedures actually work and improve sexual health?
It seems that there are complicating issues involving
professional jealousy, rivalry and questions of the ethics involved.
A gynecologist in Los Angeles called David Matlock patents all these designer vaginoplasties. In case you missed what you just read, these are patented procedures. Matlock teaches these procedures to other interested specialists for $50,000 only. Yeah, you read it right this time! 50 big ones to learn designer vaginoplasty.
Obviously, Matlock’s institute is promoting this surgery in a big way and making money, as are those who have learnt from him.
Philosophically, it seems, the American College is unable to accept this. A small coterie of doctors making moolah on new procedures they are unwilling to teach for free is inflammatory to the rest of the breed.

ACOG is also concerned with the ethical issues associated with the marketing and national franchising of cosmetic vaginal procedures. A business model that controls the dissemination of scientific knowledge is troubling, according to the new committee opinion. “When a new surgical procedure or a variation of an established surgical procedure is developed, physicians typically do not attempt to keep it proprietary or restrict who can perform the procedure,” said Dr. Berenson (a member of the Committee that came out with the warning).

But isn’t this standard business practice in life? Patenting drugs, products and even ideas is part of reality. Yes, it is true, if all procedures were patented, none of us would have been complete surgeons. Knowledge has always been freely disseminated to medical students and doctors.
However, in recent history, new procedures have not been freely shared. Laparoscopic gall bladder removal, for example, used to be (and still is) taught in paid courses. Those who didn’t have the wherewithal to afford these courses never learnt it, or did so only when the procedure became common. The same can be said of many other, newer, procedures. We are seeing something very similar here. The only difference is that a pioneer of a procedure has actually patented a set of operations so that he will make money if someone else wants to adopt them. This is the free market in surgery, and trust the plastic surgery industry to cash in on it!
If the procedures truly benefit the women who go for them, the ACOG will be standing by the highway while the market runs away to newer unexplored terrain. Of course, conceptually, it is difficult for us to accept surgical alteration of normal organs. It has never been thought of before. But is this mere fact enough reason to condemn it?
If the results are not good, or if the surgeries are unsafe, the market will banish the purveyors of these designer surgeries.
Incidentally, The Wall Street Journal had this to say about David Matlock:

He has been quoted in other publications as saying he has treated more than 3,000 women and trained 140 doctors. In 1998, the Medical Board of California tried to revoke his license, alleging insurance fraud, dishonesty and negligent care to two patients, according to state records. In 2000, Dr. Matlock settled with the board and was placed on probation for four years.

It seems Matlock is living on borrowed time, but may retire wealthier beyond imagination!

(I can’t resist an aside that similar augmentation procedures could also tried for males focused exclusively on where their maximum intelligence resides, the penis. If nothing else, the G-spot will cease to be a nebulous point of focus of the sexes. That would not be a small achievement in man-woman interaction!)

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  1. Rambodoc,

    You crack me up! You present the material in such interesting way that I am now eager to learn more!!! I do have a question, how do you find the G spot? Is it felt by stimulation? or do we need to use GPS system? And what is up with this “G” thing? G spot, and G string!!! Where would be the next G?

    Obviously, you are in a zero-G (gravity) zone! 🙂
    You can find out more here.

  2. ignorance is sometimes bliss !

    Intubation ? didnt get the context in prernas post

    I will explain it in her comment box!

  3. I can always count on you to:
    1. point out what I am doing wrong
    2. confuse me
    3. most importantly, always make me smile!

    How sad, how droll! The basic raison d’étre was to make you smarter with the girls!
    Looks like I am failing there!!

  4. Designer vaginoplasty! I have enough to worry about with my designer clothes, shoes, handbags, glasses and a myriad of other designer junk that daily entices the designer junkie. BUT designer vaginoplasty? How absurd!

    So, do you deliver UPS?


  5. Thanks for enlightening us with the latest in plastic surgery. I can only imagine the magnitude of the business potential!

    And, thanks for bringing objective capitalistic clarity to this medico-ethical issue that would otherwise and ordinarily have been clouded by socialist and religious non-sense.

    Matlock has indeed hit the G-spot!

    Most people in the industry will scoff at designer vaginoplasty as a crude commercial venture. However, the thing to realise is that some women seem to want it. For whatever reason. But they want it. And someone is giving them what they want. This is surely not how Hippocrates thought medical care would be like, but so what? The world is changing all the time. What about nose jobs and boob jobs, without which the entertainment industry will be paralysed: these aren’t therapeutic and of any medical benefit!

  6. Tis merely a joke Doctor…

  7. Who calls these procedures ‘augmentation’? What sort of 12th century patriarchy do women have to be brought up in to believe that this is augmentation? Are these not the same women who had their toes lopped off so their toes could fit into their Choos? What next? Frontal Lobotomy, so they could serve the man without arguing (probably they had the frontal lobotomy earlier anyway before this designer vaginoplasty)?

    This in a world, where millions suffer genital mutilation in the name of tradition? Bright idea bulb goes ping! May be this is new American tradition, no? Declare a national holiday in the name of your vaginas!

    “If the results are not good, or if the surgeries are unsafe, the market will banish the purveyors of these designer surgeries. ”

    And what will these American women say in the law courts? “He screwed up my vagina!” Imagine what laughs that will get.

    PS: I read often, but some views (catty ones) are best expressed anonlymousely 😉

    I love your nom de guerre! And your comments. And more power to your va-va-vaa-views (damn stutter, whew!). Sorry!
    Did you read about how eating cats is in fashion? Next: mice, and notonlymice!
    😉 🙂

  8. I suppose if someone wants it, and the procedure won’t kill them, there’s not much reason to oppose it. After all, it’s their vagina. They should be free to do what they want with it.

    Agree! Even if the procedure kills them, it is their lives, and only their right to choose, good or bad!

  9. It all depends on how far one is willing to go.
    We do approve of ‘fixed appliances’ (braces) and colored eye lens….these options are taking things a little further.
    to each his/her own.

    But patenting is serious business. Its really sad how life-saving procedures and compositions are allowed to be held by a scheming few. In that way , India is much better.

    enjoyed the humor , Ram 🙂

    If it weren’t for those scheming few, where would the life-saving procedures and drugs come from?

  10. yes, Ram…but keep it affordable to all !

  11. I was going to respond to Sree’s comment, but Rambodoc usurped me!

    Sree: //keep it affordable to all!//
    If mankind had let each and every invention “affordable to all”, can you imagine the world we would be living in today?

    I understand how you “feel” that life-saving procedures should be “affordable to all”. What does “affordable to all” mean? What price point are you talking about?

    If the term “affordable to all” is taken by definition, it means it is affordable to the sub-saharan penniless African and the poorest of the Indian. Where do you draw the line?

    Now, if you mean it should be available for free, then see Rambodoc’s comment: who would then invent such techniques if there were no gains involved?

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  13. I would like to know if all the womans squirt a lot, I mean huge amount of liquid.

  14. If somebody can answer my question I would be glad to know thank. By the way my e-mail is

  15. new ways

  16. I want purchase a Artificial Plastic Vagina of Girl from local market. please write me address that Shope.

    M. Das

  17. Dear M.Das,
    You can get plastic girls called Barbie from any local market.
    Plastic vaginas….hmmm. Try making one yourself. You could make a cast of some hollow tubular organ of the goat or cow in your neighborhood, maybe.

  18. Not all women orgasism with great quantities of bodly fluid but I happened to date one that did and it was awesome when she did

  19. if male inserts his organ in g shape any benifit?

  20. “any benifit?”
    Yes, if it fits.

  21. Trim, tighten, callogen, nip and tuck
    it don’t mean nothin’ if she don’t like to f*%k.

    See that’s the deal. And if she does, well then it doesn’t much matter what shape, size, etc.etc. because it’s all about attitude. That’s where the magic happens. And Attitude is born out of chemistry, and chemistry is more than 1 compound, which means I am responsible. Can you dig it, man?

  22. For Dr Samir Johna;

    When the patient shows up for G-spot augmentation, she must show the surgeon where her G-spot is. Most patients say when they touch the spot, it gives the feeling that they must take a pee.

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  24. Looks like some women are going crazy! over this latest vaginal surgery or whatever. Another interesting topic to talk about among plastic women.

  25. pliz tell me more about vaginas

  26. oh…..good. i love mom

  27. great post dude!

  28. Errr hi I am Jenny Tulls and i’d just like to know if there is a male G-Spot and where it is?
    if someone could tell that’d be great

  29. the peritoneum is a high pleasure spot in men, but many men will get a little squeamish if not downright offended if you go there, so ask first.

    Another sensitive spot is the small triangular cleft surrounding the frenulum on the underside of the penis just below the glans.

  30. It seems a terrible shame that those women who choose this kind of surgery feel so insecure. But on the other hand, that is the fault of the culture that through advertising shows how much it hates women. This isn’t augmentation, it’s mutilation. That Doc Matlock is making money out of the insecurity of women shows how much he hates women too.

    Wanton capitalism thrives when it convinces us that we need something… even when we don’t. There was a documentary in the UK called ‘The Perfect Vagina’ made by Lisa Rogers all about this. A very pretty young woman felt she needed to have her labia trimmed because of comments her sister had made to boys and comments boys had made to her. It was so sad to see her misery make her go through with the surgery.

    Worse still was the doctor justifying it.

  31. it would be hot if you — as a couple i mean — can have both of your sex-organs re-designed for max pleasure!
    i get the idea that this designer vag is targeted at loose women who want to have an irresistible facility in their underpants to trap rich men they’d usually get to sleep with probably only once.
    just an opinion, don’t shoot me for thinking now.

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  33. nice picture

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