I am writing this as the first of a regular (possibly weekly) post on very brief, unsmart asides I may make about the national news. This page will consist of purely, unapologetically, Indian news and comments. I do not claim any wit or humor in the comments except as tags to fool people with. Unless you can make some funny ones yourselves!
If the popular reaction is that I have done the “yawn ko lalkara” thing (pun intended), then I will wind it up soon, and do the next Sholay remake. So here goes.

Following an 18-month campaign by PETA, the city of Mumbai has announced that elephants will no longer be allowed in the city.

Ivory that living in such a city of thick-skinned individuals is a real herd tusk!

A growing number of Indians suffering from what psychiatrists are calling ringxiety — a phenomenon in which users imagine their phone ringing or feel it vibrate when it actually doesn’t.

Sounds like a case of ‘printxiety’: a rapidly growing national journalistic disease where anything can be concocted, imagined, twisted or fed, so that some copy can be created, and a story printed.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi said that there was also no proof of Lord Ram having constructed a bridge and being an expert in engineering.

Only Lord Karuna broke the bridges within his (Tamil) community as an expert in social engineering, and even has his own monkey brigade.

Left parties asked the government to consider the consequences of US pressure to change India’s policy directions before operationalising the nuke deal.

The Left is pursuing its Karat and sick policy as usual, and the Congress is Singhing a different tune every day. Why don’t the Leftist start eating snakes, rather than merely acting like them? That way, they will be doing what their Chinese masters do back home!

The Sensex crosses 16K

Three reasons why this happened:
1. Sania Mirza did not play in the Sunfeast International in Kolkata.
2. Indian Idol is soon going to be over.
3. Sourav Ganguly has not been not made Indian cricket captain.

Advani wants food and medicine to be sent to Sri Lanka

Another technique at focusing our attention on the Ram Setu? Why doesn’t he demand that the idli be made the national dish? Or ask the Bajrang Dal to set Lanka on fire, as a uniquely different way to commemorate the Babri Masjid riots?

Maharashtra HC seeks report on measures to curb infant mortality

The Government could suggest giving financial incentives to people who commit female feticide, thereby reducing infant mortality. Or fudge the figures, as always.

A Muslim organization has issued a fatwa against Salman Khan for having attended a Ganesh puja and said he is no longer a Muslim.

From blackbucks to black bucks, he is man enough to take it on his chest. And give it on the face, especially if it belongs to a pretty woman. Now recognised by a peer group, he will surely prophet from it!

Ten people thrown out of Kolkata buses in last week

The bust conductors are putting their best foot forwards!

4 responses to “BAKWAAS KHABAR

  1. Come to think of it and I realize that last week’s news sites were full of bakwaas khabar… good to have you back doc 😉

  2. Thanks for making these Bakwaas Khabars interesting. Except for the T20 news, most news last week have been depressing. It is a good idea to make it a weekly post. You bring smiles on peoples faces thanks.

  3. This is just great! I prefer this to the weakly humerous news that do not have any ‘rambodociness’ to them!

  4. 😕 🙂

    beware the govt can get u arrested for inflammatory speech

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