As a rule, I, like Mahendra, do not use email material for blogging.
However, there are a few deliriously funny jokes I had to share with you.
None of this is mine.
Here are a couple of Sardarji jokes that need to be told/retold. For whatever reasons, Sardars, the turbaned Sikhs of Punjab, are parodied as numskulls.


Postman: – “I have traveled five miles to deliver this packet to you.”
Sardar: – “why did you come so far? Instead you could have sent it by post….”

A Sardar and his wife filed an application for divorce three years after marriage.
Judge: “How’ll you divide your kids, you have three children?”
Sardar: “Oh, I see! We’ll apply NEXT YEAR, then!”

Man: “Sardarji where were you born?”
Sardarji: “Punjab”.
Man: “Which part?”
Sardar: “Oye part part kya kar raha hai, whole body is born in Punjab, Yaar”.

Lawyer to Sardar: “Gita pe haath rakhkar kaho ke…… ”
Sardar :”Yeh kya, sita pe haath lagaya to court mein Bulaya. Ab fir gita pe haath!!”

(Poor translation)

Lawyer: “touch the Gita (Holy Book) and swear..
Sardar: “I got dragged to court for touching Sita, now you ask me to touch Gita as well!?”

A sardar was drawing money from ATM,
The sardar behind him in the line said, “Ha! Ha! Haaa! I’ve seen your password. Its 4 asterisks (****). ”
The first sardar replies, “Ha! Ha! Haaa! You are wrong, it’s 1258!”

And if it ain’t enough to lift your spirits, watch this video of the Indian Thriller.
No sardar can be blamed for this one!

11 responses to “SAR, DARKY JOKES!

  1. To be civil, and not sound like a bigot, I suggest that in all such jokes featuring sardars, mallus, bongs, madrasis, and the like, replace them with politicians and priests, whoever is more appropriate for the joke 🙂

  2. Politician and priest species are filthy same all over the world. Those jokes would be boring 😉

  3. Very funny!!!
    have you heard of a sardar who was drawing money from an ATM machine. When asked for Pin, took the pin out of his pagri and put it in the machine. When the machine broke down he complained- the instructions were not clear. Should have written Pin but not the one from the pagri.

  4. The postman joke was new for me. Beautiful!

  5. udontneedtoknowmyname

    your just jealous that Sardars had to protect you and you had to hide behind them when you were being converted to Islam by fundamental empires or your just a couple of weaklings who like to make themselves look big so you’ll make fun of people who don’t fight back. either way you’re just a couple of ungrateful Brahmin’s.

  6. udontneedtoknowmyname

    i don’t think a Brahmin’s like u could have yourself’s sawn in two,boiled alive,burnt alive,scalped alive,rotated on spiked wheels, flayed alive and sit through it singing hymns of the great god. you must have been two busy exploiting money out of the poor.thousands of Sardars died so that you could keep your faith and we asked for nothing.

  7. Udon’t….
    What a brilliant and lucid comment, indeed!
    Would YOU die for US, now?

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  9. India is being run by a sikh\sardar PM, explain your theory of dumb sardars.

    and about that Gita Joke, when your “Hindustan” was gettin fked by mughals, it was the sikhs that saved ur daughters/mothers from them.

    you guys make fun sikhs/sardars, even tho we have contributed alot more to India than ur population of 97% never did and never will.

    and Paag is pride, u fucks make fun of us for wearing a pagri and make jokes, and when thers a wedding why do u guys wear pagris?

    rambodoc, FYI

    there are sikhs living in the US and serving there in the army/police force, and dieing for the US.

  10. Wasteolife:
    You know what you guys are doing is really funny, don’t you? You show yourselves as humorless people with deep-rooted identity crisis, something that needs a collectivist mindset and lack of mind, both. This space is enriched by jokers like you. Gimme more!

  11. i like to send to comedy my friend

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