If nowhere else, you must have read in this blog about Warren Jeffs and his particular method of attaining closeness to God: having multiple wives, and using them as engines of reproduction, with multiple brats spewing out from the silencers (freely advertising their parentage and religion) and contributing to global warming, along with, and separate from, the fornicating and flatulent meese (make that moose), cows and sundry other quadrupeds (just so you know that Jeffs and his 10,000 followers aren’t zoophilic perverts).

I have always maintained, or have I not, that I agree wholeheartedly with this approach (not to digress into my views on bestiality- don’t mistake the prepositions here)? Having a communal union with an oppressed, endangered and protected species* as Hetero sapiens and shouting “Oh, my God!” several times a day or night (Midnight M’ass?) is clearly every man’s only means of washing himself from his Original Sin of being born of non-Muslim parents.

*Check out the seventh definition of the word ‘species’.

Well, here is an update.

Polygamist sect leader Warren Steen Jeffs was found guilty Tuesday of being an accomplice to rape for using his religious authority to push a 14-year-old girl into a marriage she did not want.

Jeffs stood with his hands folded and didn’t appear to react as the verdict was read.

The counts carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. His sentencing date was not immediately set.

And will this story end as “… and all his wives lived happily ever after?”


  1. Ha… I like how the people inquiring about bestiality on that site are “sheepherders.”

    I noticed it, too!

  2. And will this story end as “… and all his wives lived happily ever after?”
    nice punch , Ram :))

    Thanks, Sree!

  3. I’d happened to glance over this news and was waiting to read your follow-up. It was speciesal! 🙂

  4. Doc,

    //…shouting “Oh, my God!” several times a day or night…//

    So that’s what all those characters in “Friends” were up to! Not having much to do, they were washing themselves of Original Sin!!

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