Anand Mohan, a former Bihari MP, has been sentenced to death for inciting a mob to murder a District Magistrate a few years back.

A related video link may be found here. Or, then again, it may not.

Now, I can bet serious money that this will lead to a Presidential pardon.
I could bet some more, if I had something more than cheap change, that he will overcome these hurdles and become an MP all over again, if not a Chief Minister.
Bihar is one example of Impossible is Nothing.
BTW, this is my shortest post in recent memory!

5 responses to “LIFE AFTER DEATH

  1. instead he should be castrated or forced to have a
    at least he will be sentenced and live forever in public embaressment
    Suddenly inspired 🙂

  2. nothing is wrong with a short post! main thing is to have your own style, which you have.
    about this guy anand mohan, I was thinking the same too, whether a higher court will upheld the judgment.

  3. It took the courts THIRTEEN years…

    Like the movie wit said “Thirteen years ka experience hai!”

  4. hmm. interesting. I wonder what is more moral, death or vasectomy?

    Death: by firing squad.
    Vasectomy: you’re firing blanks.
    I vote for vasectomy.

  5. Doc: if you have some change, I’m willing to add some of my own money to your bet, and get that change you have – it’s in damn short supply these days! 😉

    Ashok: death or castration may be something to wonder. But death or vasectomy?!

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