India and the US have agreed to jointly develop medical technology.
Apollo Hospitals immediately increased their tariffs by ten times, as a first step towards Americanisation.

Even a RAW tea party is top secret, says ex-RAW official.
Our intelligence officers are known to have taken a vow to “pee peeke jhar jaaonga”. A former officer has exposed the drawers of these peepeeng Taams by writing a tell-all book.

Nepali supporters of Indian Idol Prashant Tamang burnt vehicles and public property because a Radio Jockey said something nasty about him and them.
The Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal to call anyone a Nepali or a chowkidar. They have, henceforth, to be called cerebrally challenged. This proposal was opposed by the Cerebral Palsy Association of India. The Court also recommended they be called Police Commissioner of Kolkata Police. Oh, sorry, that is also an abusive term, said Muslim youths in Kolkata. Or SMSkars. This decision to rename them would be taken on the basis of an SMS poll. The Court also directed the telecom companies to reserve 27% of their profits for Prashant Tamang. His supporters have declared a holiday till next Sunday in celebration.

A patient at a Government Railway hospital in Kolkata was passed a bottle of acid when he asked for some water to wash his hands with. He had to have his fingers amputated later, though his family was not informed of the injuries.
The Health Minister denied that this had any implication on public health services. “This is merely a case of hyperacidity”, he said. This was just an attempt to participate in the Government’s ‘Haath Ki Safaai’ program, he said.
KFC has announced a lifetime discount for the patient, because here is one person who is a living example of ‘finger lickin’ good’ being an empty catch phrase. On being asked for a reaction, the patient, just after his fourth amputation, said, “Chop, chop! Mera bheja fry mat kar, yaar!”

Versatile actor Kamal Haasan, donning the grease paint for ten diverse roles in his yet-to-be-released film ‘Dasavathaaram’, has played it to the hilt by dubbing in ten different voices for the characters.
In other words, he is playing the role of Deve Gowda?
Considering that his voice keeps breaking down every ten seconds, he can even try for the next Indian Idol.

India’s media on Wednesday condemned fast bowler S Sreesanth’s on-field tantrums after he clashed with Australian batsmen, saying there was a ‘thin line between aggression and antics.’
A clear fool t’ass!
Any more of such looks, and Aussie batsmen will get sucked into his nostrils, say experts.

Shane Warne to play in Hong Kong Sixes tournament.
His secretary said, off the record, that when he becomes sober, he will realize that this is not an orgy with the Hong Kong sexes , and that it’s a cricket tournament. Accordingly he will withdraw in time by making a dirty phone call.

By 2010, climate change will lead to 50 million people homeless.
Yeah, will be an improvement over the present 100 million homeless. Sahara India boss Subrata Roy announced free housing for all of them, in return for votes in favor of the Samajwadi Party of Amar Singh. Amitabh Bachchan’s name also figured in the list of these homeless poor.

6 responses to “BAKWAS KHABAR 05.10.07.

  1. Ha ha ha!! You are indefatigably witty!


  2. You are gifted rambodoc.
    //Any more of such looks, and Aussie batsmen will get sucked into his nostrils, say experts//
    loved it. Bhajji is spitting more fire than Sree after a spat with Aussies in Kochi. Bole So! Nihal!!! God save them.

    //A former officer has exposed the drawers of these peepeeng Taams by writing a tell-all book.//
    The way govt is victimising the publisher and writer is shameful.

    Thank you, Prerna!

  3. Rambodoc: I think Shane Warne’s secretary probably worked for Bill Clinton earlier. She kept trying in vain to dissuade Clinton from being so interested in the Gaza Strip 😉

  4. You surely do hate the new Indian Idol. eh?

    I am a huge Kamal Hassan fan and was wondering that does his voice breaks in South Indian films as well? keeping in mind that his command on South Inidan language ie tamil would be better then Hindi.

    I don’t hate anybody. I take potshots at suitable targets. But I promise, unless more events occur, I will not joke about the Indian Idol again. Seriously.

  5. Brother, I guess you are not properly informed about the burning of vehicles etc. regarding Prashant Tamang fans. Prashant Tamang fans were attacked by anti-social members from a group called “Amra Bangali” when they were going on a silent protest rally. There were children, mostly girl school students, elderly people and women – please do a good study before you write something blatantly.

    I am sure you are perfectly right.
    Have you, by the way, heard of the term ‘sense of humor’?

  6. hilarious!

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