I had, in the not-so-long past, posted some stuff on my trip to Greece. You could check them out here.

Bali is a place that repeatedly calls itself ‘Paradise’. Is it hype, or is it appropriate?
Find out for yourself, if these pictures can stimulate you to do so.
Please click on each thumbnail to see a fuller picture.

Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali.

Unreasonably beautiful.

A brilliant photograph of a window, by the Master Himself. Likely value in 2100, as per experts: $5 million.

Picture taken while waiting for lunch at a beachside restaurant.

The hotel just beyond the entrance.

Mei Goreng is one of the typical Indonesian dishes.

A typical Balinese Hindu temple.

The pool and the sea.

Did I say ‘unreasonably beautiful’ before?

Some Batik Murals.

The Balinese seem pretty taken up with the male organ and fancy using it to open bottles!

Art studio or bathroom?

Young brat with a sense of humor, mimicking his father’s desperate attempts trying not to drown.

Parasailing was one of the fun things to do.

Among the entire crowd of tourists, only one person managed to land on water after parasailing. Everyone with an IQ of 25 and above landed safely on the sand. Except me. Geneticist James Watson has also been reputed to have sunk similarly after sailing sky-high. In good company?

4 responses to “GLIMPSES OF BALI

  1. Rambodoc these are lovely photos but I wish you had posted bigger ones! the sunset photo is indeed wonderful!

    Yes, I know, Nita. If I find time, I will try to re-post all of these and make ’em bigger.

  2. I love the photos. It seems you have a good eye for light and color. Now I want to go to Bali 🙂

    Great, now the locals’ English will get even crazier!

  3. I have decided my next destination for a vacation. Bali!!! Great photographs. I hope vegetarian food is available there.

    Sure, vegetarian food has to be custom-ordered most of the times. However, you will have a feast of fruits. Some of which we never see or hear. Great tender coconut, too.

  4. Food is wonderful in the East, eh? Hoarded some taro root (two varieties while visiting momma) – cook in coconut milk and add butter (hey, I am half Western after all). Thanks to you, Ram, I have the munchies now….. Still, I do not pity you, or most of your readers. You have the best “fast food” a/k/a “street food”, at least in Mumbai and Kolkata. My native country is the same way. Enjoy! No doubt you will be on holiday again in a month 🙂

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