I am loosing hope. Too in won days. There is no way the chronic lose spelling in Indian media is going to improve. I have long noticed that these are the pippuls who r entrusted by literate society to preserve the heritage and richness of the Inglees language.

But Google, et two?


Look at The Statesman, a vulnerable venerble venerable mistress of the Queen’s language. This institute is one I speak off with regret. It has disdanefully letchured the world for more than a century on the rites and wrongs of issues, and in gramattically correct prose, too! Now all this is of, is it?


Now, there is a schul of thot that doesnt much care for sp. n gramer. Shud I change ths paneful ‘politically incorrect but grammatically correct’ habbit of mine and swim with the currant?

Wud my reeders realy notice and bothr?
Do my enormous readers lissen to me or jes’ look at the dirty pitchers?

Ok, tata! Cu!!

22 responses to “OF THE LOSE AND THE LAIM

  1. Rambodoc: Google is a search algorithm not a spell-checker so NDTV and not Google is to blame, to be fair. You disagree?

    That currant if it has been swimming must be all swollen with osmosis by now, I imagine. Is it?

    But on a serious note, thanks for posting about my pet peeves. I did notice and I find them immensely bothersome.

    And I shall have you know that there is no excuse, including illiteracy, to describe me as ‘enormous’ πŸ˜‰

    Cull mill-lane-gay!

  2. There is a freaking full-stop after bothersome not a comma… Rambodoc: please edit if you will. Thanks.

  3. You are simply loosing it, doc. How much more of lose talk should we tolerate? It is unbearable to loose touch with Indlish. Don’t be such a looser.

  4. Dok: I agree that speling is geting worse by the minite. Be ashored it’s not jist over in India. I’m sure Americans are far less inteligent.

  5. Bad spelling is not the prerogative of the Indians…but I agree that the media should have higher standards.
    That is because of their hiring/promotion policies. I guess you would want me to explain this but it would take about 100 pages!
    Just a tiny example. The print industry for instance is protected from foreign competition (I am not judging he wrongs and the rights of it here), is mostly managed by non-writers (the main idea being profits at the cost of quality which they can because of monopolies).
    Top newspapers and magazines in developed countries give at times 1-2 weeks for a journalist to file a feature, here people get 1-2 days if they are lucky.
    Why? They don’t hire a sufficient people to make more profits and the readers do not have sufficient choice. other newspapers/mags can be worse! Free-lancers are totally discouraged unless they are a ‘name.’ If you notice the columnists in Indian newspapers write a lot of bullshit but they are journalist celebrities who get a place because of their name. Maybe this is the right way I don’t know. I for one get irritated to read nonsense in my favorite newspapers.

  6. forgive the typos.
    I meant they don’t hire sufficient people because they want to save money, make more profits.
    the mistakes coz I gave myself about a minute to comment on the post!
    Guess I have been trained er…well, by the Indian journalism industry! Write on the run!

  7. People simply have to use a word processor and not ignore all the mistakes it points out!

  8. //Do my enormous readers lissen to me or jes’ look at the dirty pitchers?//

    Did you say something, Rambodoc? I was busy searching your blog for dirty pictures. πŸ™‚

    Paul, I am sure of that!

  9. @ Marc: Ah, the word processor! How do you think people forgot to spell in the first place? Yes, over-reliance on the green and the red squigglies made them do it…

    Did you know about the MS-Word Easter egg? You type zzzz and Word suggests sex. To take the advice or not to take, that is the question.

    The best person to rely upon is oneself and the best things a physical dictionary and a grammar book (nobody can “train” it unlike MS-Word where random nonsense can be added to the dictionary at will).


  10. Marc, the word processor would just let “loose” pass where it should be “lose”. Try it.
    “Price” will pass for “prize”.
    “Year” will pass for “ear”.
    “At” will pass for “ate”.
    I should know ! I am a vocational (not occasional, for sure) writer, and half my troubles arise when I don’t (wo)manually check each line I wrote for such misplaced words.

  11. Nita,
    You have, in my humble opinion, hit the nail near the center. The media is protected from competition, and we, the readers are subsidising them for their poor quality.
    Another thing I would add here is that, as you have noted in a post of yours, most graduates in India are unemployable, reflecting the pathetic educational standards. The poor English is but one symptom of a wider disease. As far as your typos are concerned, I do understand how busy you must be when you write and read. Eccused!
    “You type zzzz and Word suggests sex. To take the advice or not to take, that is the question.”
    Should one even ask that question at all? The choice is obvious to anyone whose normality is not submerged by tomes of papers and research work!

  12. Update:
    I just heard BJP leader LK Advani speak in Parliament, saying that the 1974 sanctions against India by the US were ‘far severer’.
    I wish he were austerer in his comments.

  13. Yall are aweful..
    Learn how 2 spell properly..
    Or ill call for a pubic hearing to persecute you..
    Satin will burn ya ass..
    Now U peeps better except Jesus..
    Do you have salivation in your life???

  14. Celine,
    There is no salivation for Sinners in Hell or Spinners in Spell!

  15. Gr8t post & comments, dood. (C? I’ve lurned from my teenage niece, the darling, Spawn of Satan, er… Child of God πŸ™‚

    Let me confess that I make judgements about a person (if not known personally to me) based on their writing.

    I, too, cringe at the misspellings in casual readings. But many things I read come from extremely talented people working in very specialised ways (artists, natural historians, medical folks, etc) – they may be talented in their narrow fields, but writing….no. But I KNOW them, and they are quite bright in their area of expertise.
    Point is, not all of us were gifted with good command of language skills. My high school sweetheart used to pen letters to me with upside down e’s and the like – dyslexic, but nonetheless very talented in areas I envy.

    Also, casual conversations (think quick email responses, texting, etc) are further corrupting the language . I’ve been guilty – writing on the fly, no editing or obsessing over details — so context is important too. Hope U don’t expect 2much of ur readers :-)))

    The end result will probably be worsening of spelling & grammar, I’m afraid. Language is dynamic, but still no excuse for mass written media to do the same. And specialists, who decide to write for a wide audience, should get a good editor, if they are not all ready proficient in the written arts.

  16. Rambodoc:

    “Should one even ask that question at all? The choice is obvious to anyone whose normality is not submerged by tomes of papers and research work!”

    Out of context infra-dig at a reader? Tut-tut!

  17. Shefaly,
    Shall I say sorry? I really meant it very lightly. Hope you took it the same way!

  18. Jackie,
    Very true!
    As far as expectations from my readers is concerned, I should just reflect theirs’ theirs from me! So it is either too low, or too high!

  19. A language where you don’t spell as you speak πŸ™‚ btw, from a sample size of statistical significance, I conclude that Torontonians’ use of the word off is way of the mark.

  20. @ Rambodoc: Of course you needn’t say sorry! πŸ™‚

    Come on, Doc! I know you have millions of readers but surely you know me enough to know I know a joke when I see one, most of the time anyway..

    PS: Why is there an apostrophe after theirs in your response to Jackie? It is redundant, surely. ‘Theirs’ is already a possessive pronoun. πŸ˜›

    @ Priyank: Even so the dominant way in the UK – and I hear now in India – to teach children to spell is to use phonics.

    I was looking at my neighbour’s 3-year old son’s phonics book yesterday. When it comes to ‘Y’, both the neighbour and I were confused. If it is similar to the ‘I’ sound, how will the child know when to use ‘I’ and when to use ‘Y’?

  21. Shefaly,
    I didn’t know that you don’t need an apostrophe after ‘theirs’. Thanks for correcting me.

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