When it bites, the bug
I feel a strong tug
To be me, careless and vain,
Throw words in a rhythmic chain
And focus on getting some grub.

Here is a short story in limerick:

“Always the money, honey!”
Said Mummy to Sunny.
“If you want to be good,
Become a rich dude,
Not poor and funny.”

Older as Sunny grew,
The better he knew
That money is the root of evil.
But it came through a will,
With currency, his morals he threw.

While he grew richer,
He saw a pretty picture:
A lass- love at first sight!
She, with great insight
Married this rich letcher.

On their first night
They had a fight:
She wanted one grand first,
He wanted to just enjoy his lust,
We’ll never know who was more tight!

10 responses to “A SUNNY STORY

  1. The Morning After:
    (Cough, cough!!)
    Egad! I wrote that last night?

  2. We now know who was tight.
    But then, it looks like someone’s imagination soars under the influence of sauce.
    Smart limmerick.

  3. Lakshmi:
    Believe me, I was nowhere near any form of sauce, just that I was loose with my muse!

  4. Cough, cough, indeed. YOU wrote THAT last night? hehe…you seem to have the flair for churning out a good post even while being unconscious. Lucky you!

  5. Love it! Funny I find this post as during the long trip home today, I had poetry on my mind…the open road is sometimes a nice escape from intrusions and gives one a chance to go into a sort of meditative state. Juiced up on coffee and good music, I hatched an idea to write about my niece because we spent much time listening and singing together to music (hers & mine)… it occurred to me that poetry is a sort of literature for short attention span people (*oooh, shiny*–now where was i? 😉
    And music is sometimes poetry set to music. This post made me think that Limericks are funnies in poem format (as are funny haikus).
    Thanks to you!

  6. Jackie, you beauty! Good to have you back!
    Did I tell you that you need to start blogging?

  7. Blogging? Too much work.
    Better to squat here and other fave blogs. Comment on good posts, and that’s it. Dashboards? Blog stats? Sounds like WORK to me 😉
    You know, best to have low-commitment…pop in and out, without, like, expectations and caretaking.
    Now, if you occasionally want a guest blogger or want to recycle some momma stories in order to take well-deserved breathers, I’ll gladly share all those I actually finished :-). Your audience may not, however, enjoy these weird tales, and will expect the high quality body of work you seem to put out so effortlessly.
    Thanks for your kind comments.

  8. How did I miss this! Thanks for the laugh!

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