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To those of you who don’t follow US politics much, Ron Paul is a Libertarian Republican candidate for the US Presidential elections this year, and an acknowledged modern political phenomenon. In addition, he is the most Googled candidate, with his U-Tube presentation scoring more than 7 million hits. The young and literate in the US are going crazy for him, with active movements to promote Paul.

I have seen no one in the existing list of candidates on either side of the political divide who inspired confidence in me. The less said for the Dems, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, the better. Their views are more of the spend-more, tax-more Left-Liberal kind, with paternalism inherent in all their policies.

As far as the Republicans are concerned, none of them interest me. In fact, there’s someone called Huckabee about whom I asked, “F-ck a what? An insect lover?”

Now, Ron Paul interests me, as millions of people across the world. He says things which no other candidate in recent memory has said.
Look at his foreign policy: he goes back to Isolationism as policy. He would pull the US out of NATO and the UN. He would stop the US acting as global patron, cop and bully. He believes trade is the relation to keep with other countries, not war. As a necessary fallout of isolationism, he would stop giving tax-funded aid to foreign countries. When you see that the main reason for the US to be so hated all over the world is on account of its interference with world politics, you can infer that it would be a good idea to hold back its money and its guns from the rest of the world. At least, it would not be paying countries for abuse and vitriol against it.

Of immediate interest to India, this would mean an immediate cessation of largesse to Pakistan. Thereby, the ability of this country to wage covert or overt war on India would reduce significantly.
This fact assumes importance with the possibility of Al Qaida forces managing to kill the rest of the remaining political figures in Pakistan and create a state of anarchy.

An interesting article may be read here.

He has a ‘pro-life’ stance on abortion, but will turn the responsibility of deciding the legality of the issue over to the individual States. It is here I disagree. The right to ownership of her body is a sacrosanct right of the woman, and a religion-conferred right to the unborn potential that is a fetus is irrational.

His economics stem from the Austrian school of Ludwig von Mises, one of the foremost proponents of free market economics in modern times. He would, therefore, abolish taxes, cut Federal expenditures, and bring back the Gold Standard.

It is likely that Paul would fail to win a nomination for the election. When that happens, it will a loss for not just the US, but for the whole world.

24 responses to “RON PAUL: THE WORLD’S BIG LOSS?

  1. R, don’t be naive. It is not “likely” that Paul would not be nominated – it is certain that he won’t. Common sense takes a backseat over the we-need-the-last-drop-of-oil-in-the-planet panic. The “pre-emptive” war-monging, oil-craving, f-ck-the-environment republicans would even tolerate Paul’s talk?

  2. I had never heard of paul as I rarely read anything about US politics. So thanks for the highlights.

  3. RDoc,

    There is no way Paul will win a nomination. His liberal stance is enough to piss off all the Republicans.

    He has a ‘pro-life’ stance on abortion, but will turn the responsibility of deciding the legality of the issue over to the individual States.

    This might be the only thing that the Republicans will be happy about! The number of pregnant teenage moms here, who are only 16-17 and are found in malls shopping for their toddlers is increasing exponentially.

  4. Rambodoc, by your description Ron Paul seems to be a good guy and good people don’t have a place in politics anywhere. Politicians are supposed to be manipulative and cheats, it is difficult to survive otherwise.

  5. Rambodoc, Huckabee reminds me of that movie Nell. You know Jodi in a cramp saying Chicka, Chicka, Chikabee. Would make a nice slogan.

    Hope for America… doesn’t sound like he has that much faith in the country.

  6. Doc, he’s Republican. No matter what his policies are his party contains a bunch of lunatics. I thought we agreed to give the Democrats their chance this time around. I saw Huckabee on Jay Leno recently and his policies seemed cool and all but he’s also the bugger who pardoned a serial rapist who went on to commit another offence. Unforgivable.

    It’s America’s election, but the entire world watches.

  7. “modern political phenomenon”
    Yes, true democratization in the sense that traditonal corporate money and sucking up to special interests’ teats are not the only path. But Obama has also rode the wave of this truly democratic, people to people internet/blogger/public discussion phenomenon too.

    Huckleberry 😉 is a certified wingnut. Never trust a religious person in public office. He’s all, gosh, shucks, I’m just a regular Joe….but he also doesn’t believe in all this science and evolution business. My most feared candidate, but he will fade.

    Ron Paul and his internet spooks (Ron Paulians) seem to emerge like a traveling geek-squad of Mormons whenever his name is brought up….yes, he is compelling, but there’s something amiss. I like what he says, just like Dennis Kucinich, but they are too radical, and not electable (i.e., practical) at this time.

    Agree with you that most ‘mercans are tired of being the world’s police and I very much resent USA’s intrusion into other countries’ affairs, and imposing their standards. All countries must find their own solutions. OK to lend technical support and assistance, but in partnership with other countries, who desire such.

    Ron Paul is really a conservative Republican, with the hook of getting USA out of Mess-O-Potamia. That is his appeal. As far as economic policies, they are quite radical, and would never pass Congress anyway.

    Most people I know dislike Shillary Clinton. We (locally) like Edwards, for obvious reasons. My Number One seems to be losing traction – Bill Richardson – so my great hope is for Obama or Edwards with a strong running mate.

    The dirty tricks are a-comin’ folks… just wait. Repugnicans will pull some scare monger tactic when things seem to be going well for ANY Democrat. Just wait.

    I think you like Mr. Paul because he is a physician ;-).

  8. Great comment and wit, Jackie!
    All: Thanks for the comments. They were all interesting perspectives, with hopefully more to come from others.
    Ruhi: just a couple of them comments in that link made good sense. In huge public comment spaces, I somehow feel lost, not knowing who is saying what to whom.

  9. I personally think that Ron Paul’s views on monetary policy are exactly what this country needs to be debating.

    You can argue change all you want, but the changes we need to address is the crisis in our dollar due to the fact that our central bank has kept interest rates artificially low and issued too much notes and credits. This has resulted in widespread system wide inflation and needs to be addressed.

    The Wall Street Journal just published an article demonstrating that the rise in fuel prices has largely everything to do with inflation and little to do with OPEC or our foreign interventions into the Middle East.

    The typical progressive solution to this problem is to increase wages.. but this does little to actually solve the root of the problem. Increasing minimum wages to combat inflation is simply a nice gesture. Our country has had to endure the costs of inflation so long now that the even the new minimum wage law does not keep pace with the rate at which the value of the dollar has decreased.

    This is not just some trivial issue to be scoffed at. This is the wages and lives of everyone in this country being taken from them. When we look to our constitution we see that there is no basis for these policies either. Congress is given prerogative over regulating coinage of moneys and issuing standards of weights and measures.. not some quasi-governmental private for-profit secret central bank.

    We need to demand transparency in monetary policy and especially now at this time where its affects our so widespread.

  10. Jackie, great comments.

    It is evident and apparent that same old politiy isn’t addressing America’s issues. Thanks to the insipid uninspired leadership of Dubya, the country is knocking the doors of recession. The country desperately a new generation of leadership. Obama is capable of bridging the partisan divide on the Democratic side, but he has this uncanny ability to either wow you or put you to sleep. But no questions about his candidacy bringing a fresh perspective and tears to Hillar’s eyes in NH(pun intended).

    Dr.Paul comes close on the Republican side, but too bad he does not have a chance in hell. As compared to a Thompson who proferred this profound message, I would choose Paul any day of the week and twice on an election day :

    “I am not consumed by personal ambition,” Thompson also said Saturday. “I’m offering myself up.”

    Kinsley has this great piece on why politicians running for presidency lie thru thei teeth like above and the people take it.,9171,1699857,00.html

  11. Athreya: Welcome, and thanks for the comments.
    MikeVA: Welcome to you, too. I am not an economist, but do understand that the Government will always fail in doing good by tinkering with the free market. An example is the value of the dollar.

  12. I think this is America’s “make or break” election, Doc. If we screw it up this time, we might not recover for quite a while — if ever.

    Ron Paul probably won’t get the nomination, but it interests me that his support is coming from all sides. For instance: A friend who is a life long Democrat was telling me this past week that he has decided to vote for him.

  13. Update: (R-doc’s buggy recent post is BUZZING like all the political analyses over USA politics). Dr Paul had a respectable showing in New Hampshire primaries last night @ 8 per cent. He had 10 per cent in state of Iowa. He’s still in the picture, and I hope he does not go the way of your drunken fruit flies.

  14. Paul: Oh, you exaggerate! It’s another election, after all!
    Jackie: Have to catch the news, then! Hope he stays on!

  15. I hope you’re right, Doc. But I sticking with my hunch this next one is crucial.

    Fortunately, there are some interesting candidates this time around.

  16. its funny u live in india and have such deep interest in the American elections – worse u never talk about indian politics

    there is a very strong anti incumbancy and most likely the dems will get the coveted seat. question is will it be the first black or the first lady president

  17. @ Prax: I think doc is really a politico in disguise and is catering to his ‘mercan constituency :-).
    Actually, ‘mercan prez elections are a big deal, as we have all suffered under the tenure of Bush the Lesser for the past seven year.
    The biggest bully (not our blogger) in the world – USA – is big news with fx worldwide.

    Still, u are correct – depending on his readership demographics, Indian politics are, and should be big news. He has written about such before.

    Next thing know, he will be writing about oversexed fruit flies….oh, wait
    Or some trip to Bali….oh, wait
    Something medical?….nevermind.

    Punima, your comment is funny as hell!
    You should blog or something…oh, wait 🙂

  18. rambodoc, if your precious corporations (in the form of media conglomeration, which exerts much control over which candidates get exposure and which don’t) allow him to debate instead of excluding him, maybe he’ll have a chance to get his message across. 😉

  19. Amit:
    If that were the only factor, we wouldn’t have known about the control. In this age, who can be shut up? That said, a channel may choose to invite x candidates, and omit a few of them. A discerning viewer may choose then not to watch the program, and catch HIS candidate in some other channel.

  20. Yup, but that’s very narrow and exclusionary democracy then – nothing to be proud of.

  21. Free will, Amit, free will! The world will never be according to how it ought to be, it can only be as to how people want it to be….

  22. can only be as to how people want it to be…

    That’s exactly why I criticize the undue power and meddling of corporations in an individual’s life. Between both of us, I guess we’ve it all (State & corporation) covered. 😉 🙂

  23. Ok people here it is.

    Alex jones has been working for man years exposing the Bilderburger group. Who is bilderburger you say ? They all the super elite that want to controll humanaity threw global trade , the likes of nafta but more frightning. I thought it was all bullshit conspiracy theroy trash. I started digging and I found out i was wrong. They are real. There agenda is real. the CFR is real, The Eu is real, They want a american union ( which is extremely frightning). The New World Order is real. What does this mean ? Let me tell you exactly what it means.
    The loss of your Constitutional Republic, the loss of your constatution. The loss of habeaus Corpus, Complete loss of your civil rights. Global enslavement. Don’t beleive me, go watch the alex jones ENDGAME movie, Will scare the shit out of you, its a documentary. RON PAUL WAS RIGHT. It is a idealogical battle and we are loosing. What I just told you only starts to scratch the surface.

    Statement :

    I am a human being, I choose freedom, I choose national sovrenty, I stand before the creator as a free human being of sound body and mind. I choose freedom over tyrany.

    You all must go on a mission to find the truth and the new world order, its real and the elite are lying to enslave us all. They must be stopped at all costs, even if millions have to die they must be stopped and held guilty of treason and crimes against humanaty with thousands of counts that are punishable by death with extreme prejudice.

    Dont beleive me ? dont think this is real. read and you will find out all these statements are 100 % correct.

    now here is the real question…..

    not if but when.. you find that the elite have done all these things … what are YOU going to do.

    let me tell you. because i have put heavy thought in to this. You wonder why Ron Paul says this is a revolution ?

    the answer to 2008 is 1776
    the time is now, you going to bleed, your going to feel pain, your going to feel loss. but it is the only way to move forward and to truley be free human beings. Your going to have to fight. to resist. to read and learn the truth.

    I am so ashamed that it has had to come to this. I’m so scared what all this means i have preyed that it is just not true but unfortunatley it is true. Unless millions wake up to this reality our children will be hunted and slaughtered by the hundreds of millions. and there will not be free humans in the future, only the elite and subservient slave surfs that are completely controlled by the elites.

    this is not a lie.
    this is not make beleive.
    this is not fantasy

    this is the world we created because we as a people did not read the constitution.

    We did not force our children to lean it and what it means and now we are going to pay the ultimate price if millions are not made aware of this horrably dark agenda that is being plotted against us this very moment.

    I started on a mission 6 months ago, I knew nothing. I was a Democrat. I was a fool.

    I was told the United States was a democracy. It is NOT.

    It is A Constitutional Republic for WHICH IT STANDS.

    the difference is?????

    democracy = your rights can be taken away at any time.

    Constitutional Republic = You rights are bestoyed upon you at birth and can NEVER be taken away.

    They are guilty of the sickest , darkest agendas ever imagined by humankind.

    imagine this …..

    150 hittlers with the technology of the modern age with unlimited money and that have control of all armies across the entire planet. and they are gathering there forces against you and me.

    Now do you under stand what your dealing with ?

    this should scare the holy crap out ef ever free human that currently exists.

    the revolution is comming, arm your selfs.

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