From a Nature News Alert:

From the annals of insect biology comes a cautionary tale for those recovering from their post-New Year’s celebration: heavy boozing has been shown to send male fruitflies, like their human counterparts, into a lusty fog.

In the flies, hypersexuality caused by chronic alcohol exposure has the effect of making the males chase anything with wings — other males included.

Now, all very well, but why should flies get drunk, I ask? And why should a scientist get them drunk?
A fly being down is understandable, but now we need to change the English language:“My fly is up, honey. Let’s fly together!” to one’s lover, seeking redemption from sexual tension. Is anyone listening?

16 responses to “WTF NEWS OF THE DAY

  1. Your post, Doc, makes me want to get drunk and chase my Acme Latex Love Doll around my computer desk. Oh, to be young again!

  2. Ram…
    I was thinking, I have started a page for trading calls for you.

  3. Sigh… Man, they’re all the same… Can imagine the cheesy fly pick-up lines. Can I bug you? I have only one day to live..

  4. Now we know how to control these eveteasers and molestors! You have done a great service to the women of the world by posting this research. One day one powerful woman from some corner of the world will ban all kinds of alcohol consumption 🙂 for men. Some kind of a female avatar as promised in religious books or the female version of Gabbar Singh screaming ‘Ramgarh se 50 mile door tak jab koi Sharabi sharab peeta hai’ kind of a dialogue !!

  5. OK, I’ll bite. So fruit flies become hypersexual with alcohol. Ladies, you are safe. They will die before causing much grief or embarrassment. Paul, I thought the latex doll was for Rambodoc? Well, whatever floats your boat :–). You know, you would not need to chase her deflating ass if you patched the leak 😉

  6. Ankur – are U xcentricpundits? Just curious. I did visit ur website and your love of things funny made me think that. Sorry if I’m mistaken. WTF? :0

  7. Hypersexed, drunken flies and stock-market doctor. WTF?

  8. Jackie: Ankur is not Xntricrundits. The latter’s blog is temporarily out of service.
    His is called Enagar.
    And Rambodoc cares for live dolls, including those who read his blog voraciously. Not the inflatable ones. Those are Paul’s domain.
    Lakshmi: I am a restless soul, always trying new things. Stocks are a new hobby.
    Purnima, Prerna: 😀

  9. Interesting, to see that more women have commented on this post than men.
    You must be wondering where my comment is? Well, they should do the experiment on rats, who they say are close to humans in behavior! I wonder what a drunk rat will do…

  10. “I wonder what a drunk rat will do…”
    1. Run for PM/President.
    2. Be held for eve-teasing/rape/murdering father, and get bail within a day, or be released because charges were dropped.
    3. Create a scene in front of the public against the famous woman who scorned him (eg, Salman Khan).
    Any more guesses, anyone?
    Incidentally, Nita, more women than men have always commented here. This is a blog mainly for the fair (and generally unfair) sex!

  11. I too was wondering why would anybody get a bunch of fruit flies drunk. How do you do that anyway? Spray alcohol into their air supply?

  12. 4artsake:
    Welcome! If I find out, it will be another bestselling blog post!

  13. Not sure how they get fruit flies drunk, but it would not be difficult… I have seen birds (for example a group of Cedar Waxwings, lined up on a telephone line) get drunk.

    They flocked to a certain mulberry bush, and in the late season, the berries had begun to ferment. It was fun to see their purple stained ‘faces’, as they passed one fermented berry to the next one in line.

    The berry fetcher of the group flew crooked. Some birds on the wire had balance checks too 🙂

    Quite a gregarious, drunken group… if they were people, they would be Irish or Scots, in a friendly pub, but without the beligerance of some when sauced.

    Moral of story: if you are going to get drunk, have fun and share, like the waxwings 🙂

  14. I think your comment to Nita’s question is funnier than the post. Too bad that doesn’t have something called “Top Comments”.

  15. A crooked flying bird. Now that’s hilarious. Flying under the influence.

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