From the Economic Times, on US markets yesterday:

After the closing bell, shares of Dow component Hewlett-Packard Co rose 5 percent to $46.10 in extended trade. In results released after the close, the computer and printer maker reported quarterly revenue that beat Wall Street’s estimates. HP also forecast quarterly results that exceeded analysts’ targets. SORRY, WRONG NUMBER Verizon, which led the Dow’s major decliners, ended at $35.34, down 6.6 percent.

The emphasis was certainly not mine.

Surely, the patient person who was doing this report was doing voice dictation and answered a phone call at the same time. Dragon or something or the other, the software is called.
I have never tried this.
Any comments on this software, or about the global economic cues, or about the editorial malfunction?

7 responses to “THE DEVIL IS IN THE DRAGON

  1. I think this analyst or whoever was responsible was fired from Verizon or the editor lost a lot of money on verizon shares.

  2. R-Doc: Dragon Dictate has been around for a long time. When I was a product marketing manager in India in the mid-to-late 1990s, we used to bundle it with one of our products. So I had used it then in addition to an IBM product ViaVoice.

    Now of course the nth generation products is out and they are far better in functionality than the ones in the 1990s. However I doubt anyone can get away without editing anything at all. The best accuracy I have got is 95% (which is why I transcribed all my research interviews – no point outsourcing if you have to check everything yourself again anyway).

    My guess about the typo is that it was a fast one by the analyst 😉 BTW it will be fun to trace the analyst and ask him/ her the reason.

  3. I thought it was called ‘Dragon – Naturally Speaking’. See this too.

  4. Marc: Dragon Dictate was the original product which uses discrete speaking and has been replaced by Dragon Naturally Speaking, a product that uses continuous speaking. The former is still around but works with Win98 and no higher OS.

  5. Marc: that link is to a blog, not to a relevant post.
    Shefaly: Thanks. Many surgeons in the US use this for their OR notes. Not me, though. I, for one, don’t need to document every momentary itch I may have felt during a procedure.

  6. Verizon has cellular services. I think the CAPS, might be a dig at Verizon, for a possibly poor service?!

  7. @ R-Doc: Then again you do not have to buy huge malpractice insurance either, and face potential court cases where every momentary itch will be dragged out of your fading memory 🙂

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