Guys and gorls, it’s your day! I learn this morning that today is Uranus Day.
Butt, you ask, what is Uranus Day? Surely it is not clean in its meaning and import! Measure this classy post, please, before you use your sparse judgment skills and condemn this whole issue.
Yes, I know, it is rather juvenile and banal, but when it comes to Uranus, you can’t help but feel young, can you now? You owe this, if not to your bumchums, to your posteriority posterity to explore new spaces and the contained black holes therein. This, I strongly believe, will yield us new energy sources, in our own backyards, that will solve most of the world’s current problems.

As a side issue, does Uranus show rings around it?
I am feeling rather astronomically imaginative this morning, and my clean and pretty mind is evoking beautiful pictures of Uranus.
Let us planet it better next year. We shall celibate celebrate!

14 responses to “CONGRATS, IT’S YOUR DAY!

  1. Vivek Khadpekar


    No an[im]us, but wasn’t Alan Ginsberg also being astronomically imaginative when he wrote about “broadening the horizons of … experience” (was it in “Howl”? I can’t recall). Or was he, too, focussed on [o]Uranus? Great minds are known to often think alike 🙂 .

  2. Your clean and pretty mind? hahaha!

  3. Er, I knew you were laughing at yourself too…but I couldn’t help joining in!

  4. Maybe you should have said clean and holistic way of thinking!

  5. 😀
    this is indeed a very clASSy post,
    did u eat rajma chaval yesterday?
    UrAnus is indeed very beautiful a planet…

  6. i linked ur older post ‘make mine larger please’ to one of my posts

  7. Dr.Gluteus maximus:Uar-honour, coming to the bottom of the matter, it seems that ass of now you seem to be resting your posterior on another planet altogether.

  8. Doc, Nice to see you get back to your normal self, after the doubtful posts before…

  9. Thanks, laddas and ladies…
    Mahendra, welcome to Uranus! I am rarely in any doubt, though!

  10. Vivek Khadpekar


    Just a couple of afterthoughts:

    Suppose we change the spelling to a phonetically acceptable ‘Euranus’.

    1. It would then qualify as a callipygian planet (or, to use more precise terminology, an epirectally callipygous planet).

    2. By treating the ‘r’ as an epenthetic device (what is referred to as ‘liaison’ in French grammar), and capitalising the ‘UR’, it could be a candidate for the logo of gay groups in Europe.

    3. Logically proceeding from [2] above, it would be possible to shew that its discovery is wrongly attributed to William Herschel; that a cryptic reference to it as the emblem of the City of Sodom exists in the Old Testament, Book of Genesis.

  11. Woof, Vivek!
    I was wonderin’ if that was Inglees as I knows it…

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