Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, and the week around that, people of Irish descent do all sorts of funny things and crack jokes on leprechauns and stuff, but a certain class of people write limericks. I did, too.

In the long gone past, I had written some limericks and how they are supposed to be. A limerick, in (my) briefs, has to be spicy and naughty.

This is one I wrote yesterday:

On St. Pat’s Day
She and I had it my way,
I left without my purse,
But she had the curse,
I didn’t get it, but she did pay.

The week preceding that was another not-so-good effort:

Is it this week we pick
For the sick limerick?
Or is it my mind,
Just trying to find
A way to tweak the weak wick?

You can’t tell me I don’t try, though it takes me not more than the time to type it once and edit it thereafter.

10 responses to “YESTERDAY

  1. aargh, these ones would have sounded way better yesterday after a beer bath. Maybe some poetically ill-endowed guys like me could have added more jingles to it;)

  2. Vivek Khadpekar


    I wonder if you’ve come across this limerick which some guy struggled with, but gave up on halfway through. It still makes interesting reading. May be it “sits” better with the Uranus day post:

    There was a young girl of Madras
    Who waded in the sea to her ankles
    It doesn’t ryhme yet
    But I’ll take a bet …
    Just wait till the tide rolls in.

  3. Vivek:
    Here is one on math…
    “There was a young fellow from Trinity
    Who took the square root of infinity
    But the number of digits
    Gave him the fidgits;
    He dropped Math and took up Divinity.”

  4. waah waah..
    Loved the one on math doc..

  5. When the girl pays,
    The guy is not worth it she says.
    If he forgets his purse,
    He is the one who lives with the curse.

  6. this thing rocks so hard
    it makes me cry
    everynight in my room

  7. Nice one doc 🙂

  8. Good one doc and Vivek 🙂
    clock ticks…tick tick;
    horn blows…pah pah;
    metro rushes..tritak tritak;
    with all this noise I could not make my lines rthym but I did find the music of life;
    Its like air blowing, it doesnot make a sound but rythms everything on its way…..

  9. Vivek Khadpekar


    I had forgotten about this post. Thanks to ‘amlistening’ for steering it back on my radar. And thanks to you for improving upon my contribution (like most such verse, its provenance is unknown).

    Long ago, I read a limerick alleged to have been written by Queen Elizabeth I. We were not amused. And it wasn’t anything like what you or I would recognise as a limerick. Or even humor (and the Tudors are supposed to have been quite boisterous). But it did set me thinking:

    If Queen Bess did indeed write a limerick
    It would be in Pentameter Iambick.
    Nor spouse of Hathaway
    Nor Sir Walter Raleigh
    Would otherwise of it have got a kick.

    So I set me down to essay one in the Bard’s favourite meter (or something like it). The topic was Palghat Iyers, with one of whom I then had an ongoing row, and circulated it to a couple of friends who, like me, were ersatz Eng. Lit. types.

    To cut a long story short, it did draw a few chuckles, more polite than amused, and did help me work off steam. But as a limerick it was a fiasco. I have now fortunately forgotten what I wrote, but something that goes
    . — . — . — . — . —
    . — . — . — . — . —
    — . — . .
    — . — . .
    . — . — . — . — . —

    would hardly qualify, would it?

    I toyed with the idea of sending it to Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman (minus the words) to see if it he could do something with the rhythm pattern. But not sure what kind of naamam he subscribed to, I decided discretion was the better part ot valour.

  10. You are welcome Vivek. Glad I could fire your limerickistic receptors

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