Today, this blog will have its 200,000th visitor. I have been in WordPress since the end of August 2008 2007. This blog has 280 posts, of which a hundred were composed while I blogged at Blogger. Of late, the frequency of posts has dropped visibly, and the reasons for that keep changing. I still love to write something mischievous here, and even if I am writing on some serious science or medicine stuff, I am sincerely having fun and hoping to share the feeling.

To those of you who come here regularly, this is just my way of saying “thank you” to you for being patient with me, and for making this blog something I am proud of.

My wife thinks I am better off doing more surgeries than blogging. As usual, she must be right, but I will die before I admit it. Left to myself, I would happily stop operating for a living, and cook at home, go to my gym every day, and play with the kids of the neighborhood, write for journals, magazines and newspapers. And blog to my heart’s content. Alas, this is not to be. Unless I marry a rich, pectorally endowed heiress or movie star. If you want me to blog more, you just need to direct such ladies here to me.

33 responses to “JUST ANOTHER POST

  1. Congrats on such a milestone…I was hoping to turn the counter for you, but guess it’s a little to early in the day. My husband keeps joking he needs someone to keep him in the style he is accostomed to when he retires…so if you find any spare heiress lying around, let me know! Amie

  2. 280 posts and your already hitting the 200,000 mark, thats great!

  3. You mean August 2007, right?

    Looking forward to more of your adventures whenever you have the time to write them!

  4. Congratulations for the 200,000 hits!

    I e-mailed your URL to Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton btw. While Angelina says she loves you and wants to adopt you, I have no confirmations on what Paris might want to do with you. 😛

  5. Congrats, doc! Despite all that brave talk about pectorally endowed heiresses (LOL at that!) I rather fancy that in the presence of one of them, you would take the seat closest to the door and talk about the weather.
    LOL at ish’s comment! Don’t worry about Paris. If I know her, she would just want to tie you a rakhi.

  6. Vivek Khadpekar


    Have you considered running for President in one of the European countries? If Sarkozy, and now Putin, can be considered representative examples, pulchritudinous, pectorally endowed etc. young women of substance (though not necessarily heiresses) seem to be the flavour of the season.

    Look around for a HoS or HoG slot in one of the new beetroot (they don’t grow bananas thereabouts) republics in the Balkans. You may end up attracting an heiress like a fly to honey (or should that be a moth to a candle?) 🙂

  7. Congratulations for reaching here Doc! You have given us a lot of fun moments too and I can say thanks for being here!

  8. Congratulations Doc!!
    Not a morning goes by without a visit to your delightful blog !!

  9. Congratulatoins for 200,000 HITS !!!

    I have started a new blog where you can show your creativity and sense of humor to others. Please post your comments in my blog:


    (This is not a spam comment..This is also not a porn blog.)



  10. @ R-Doc:

    “If you want me to blog more, you just need to direct such ladies here to me.”

    What? And incur your lady wife’s wrath? I do not think so! Not on your nelly!

  11. Vivek Khadpekar


    It’s been ages since I last encountered the term “lady wife” (shows the kind of social circles I don’t move in). Also reminded me of the bad old days of compulsory NCC at high school, when the kit we were issued included an entirely inanimate component called “housewife” (pronounced “huzzif”, I learnt much later, to distinguish from its more obvious and generally more gentle and charming — even though often martyred — homonym).

  12. Vivek Khadpekar

    Trojan spirit,

    Thanks for the explanation in parentheses. Without it, your nom-de-guerre and URL would qualify you for instant deletion, or at least a virus scan.

  13. Congrats Rambodoc. Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces.
    //“If you want me to blog more, you just need to direct such ladies here to me.”// on the job already:)

  14. Vivek Khadpekar

    Et tu Pr3rna?

  15. Vivek:
    What’s your problem if Prerna is interested in me increasing my blog output?

    Nelly? I didn’t get the context…

    Thanks. Please take this as a response to you as an individual.

  16. Well, I ain’t gonna be your pimp Doc. I know some babes, but they are not worth it. Drama queens! You will have to find your rich heiress on your own. I know you are joking. 😉
    Congratulations on this milestone. A big hearty thanks to you and other bloggers who I visit!

  17. Vivek Khadpekar


    Sorry, I didn’t realise Pr3rna was thinking about your blog output 🙂 .

  18. Good for you rambodoc. It has been a fun ride reading your posts and discussing issues with you.

  19. 🙂 😀 so is it time to party

  20. and heres one more that really fits

  21. Doc, thank you so much for the fun and pleasure I’ve taken in reading your blog. And congratulations on reaching such an impressive milestone in such short time.

    To help you celebrate your milestone, I’ve decided to go out tonight to watch gorgeous dancing girls. I’ll think of you. Maybe.

  22. Paul:
    I know you will have to pay a large sum of money to get girls to give you a good time….enjoy, you must be rich! 😀

    Jackie, Amit, Prax: Thanks!

  23. It’s not that I’m rich, Doc — it’s just that I get a hefty discount available to people who are personality-challenged.

  24. Vivek Khadpekar


    Paul’s only mentioned “watching” the girls. And have you considered the possibility of his being a New York State governor with a hefty expense account? That’s next best to being president of a beetroot republic in Europe 🙂 .

  25. Vivek Khadpekar,
    You are shortsighted 🙂 Just visualize how many people benefit by helping ‘ Rambodoc the blogger’. You know the number of visitors on his blog now!

  26. Rambodoc: Not on your nelly (small ‘n’) does not refer to Nelly but is a popular expression signifying the improbability of an endeavour… 🙂 Some also say ‘not on your nelly’s puff’.

    A Scottish friend of mine also uses an expression – not on your tinker’s hoolie – but something tells me it is not popular beyond his household and friends.

  27. Oh, I thought nelly meant a homosexual or foolish man….

  28. Hi Doc! Just dropped in to let you know that I’ve taken the extraordinary liberty of deeply criticizing both your politics and your taste in mistresses on my blog this evening. No need to thank me. I do it out of love.

  29. Congrats! Hope you get to ‘operate’ as a star ‘biscuit-roller’, as the old Blues term goes!

  30. @R-Doc, before you embark on this heiress hunting project, here is something that I think you will enjoy. Someone shared this with me recently and I was wondering whether or not to let his wife know:

    A 55-year old man wrote to his wife:
    “My dear wife, over the 30 years of our marriage, there have been many changes. We no longer sleep on the floor, or eat from the same 2 plates every day, or cook sequentially in our only pot. We no longer have to eat beans-and-toast towards the end of the month and we can enjoy eating out. We also do not have to wait for free concerts in the park, since we can afford season tickets to the opera. We do not have to cycle to work as we have our posh German cars. Only one thing did not improve – YOU. You went from being a nubile 25 year old girl to being a hag, who is ugly and wrinkly. I think I may want to trade you for a 25 year old.”

    The wife wrote back:
    “My dear husband, you are welcome to trade me for a 25 year old and I shall make sure that you also get all the nostalgic experience of sleeping on the floor, eating from the same 2 plates, cooking sequentially in your only pot, eating beans-and-toast towards the end of the month, waiting for free concerts in the park and cycling to work. Deal?”

    Now if he were clever enough to snare Paris or some such, he would not have to worry about the rest of the deal, would he?

  31. Shefaly:
    I swear!

  32. Ventured here through Paul’s blog and i am glad I did!!! :))) Shall be reading more of you. Congratulations on the big number. Very well done.

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