A week is a long time in politics. In a sliding stock market. In a post-operative hospital stay. And so many more things in life. It is, however, too short a time period for a honeymoon, or a holiday.
Grapevine has it that one Mallika Sherawat has planned a secret honeymoon to Sri Lanka with an Indian doctor-blogger with a name that sounded very like Rambodoc.

The couple is likely to be knee deep in carnally sinful activities, according to a spiked article in India Today’s entertainment section (that this blog is privy to).
Industry wags predict that if the couple manage to disentangle their lustful limbs, they will probably go around looking for photo opportunities of elephants scratching their pinnas with their long snouts (whatever those un-trunkated things are called), tea-pickers sneezing as tea dust allergy catches up, and Sri Lankan policemen running away from marauding and maddening Tigers. Bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing, and other unspellable activities are supposed to have been secretly planned, if sources at the Taj Exotica are to be believed.
Such is life for the rich and the famous. But, humble and poor blogdoc that you have here, I will count myself lucky if I can catch a glimpse of the cosy twosome while I am in the island for an operation I have to do on a man called Prabhakaran. The man, don’t tell no one (professional secrecy and that kinda crap), has an extra testicle that is malignant.

To assist recovery from my deeply penetrating procedures, expect me to take care of her him for a week.
I will, therefore, miss you, dear readers…..NOT! Shall we drink to that? Do you want to get drunk on ma licker? Or do you want to share a Vat 69?

(pic source: http://www.radiosargam.com)

16 responses to “WHAT’S A WEEK ALL ABOUT?

  1. Hey! Great Punning! Share a vat 69 and Ma licker! I bow to thee.

  2. Let us hope that in some Wodehousean comedy of errors the two doctors get to exchange places and we get to hear more about our doc’s exploits with the Ma licker and nothing about Ma lignant.

  3. Wicked wicked doc. 😉 Enjoy.

  4. Know your ji jitsu and karata Doc? Mallika is in Jackie Chan’s arms who is visiting India today.
    May the best man win her.
    Drink up please!You’re on holiday!

  5. Vivek Khadpekar


    Is this post a substitute for the overdue Weakly Humerus News, 04-26-08 (that date reads like the vital statistics of the Willendorf Venus), or is it just by way of foreplay? 🙂

  6. Vivek Khadpekar


    “Vat 69” was, I am told, the Pope’s phone number in the days alphanumeric analog instruments. 😉

  7. I have a nagging feeling, Doc, that woman looks suspiciously like someone I … don’t actually know … but wish I did.

  8. Sorry, doc, not enough choice. I don’t want to get drunk on “ma licker” or “share a Vat69”. Will you please tell me what you were having… er… smoking, when you wrote this post, and where I can get the stuff outside of your dispensary?

  9. Vivek Khadpekar


    I am not sure doc would take too kindly to the reference to his “dispensary”, him being a surgeon with a reputed hospital and, I assume, in the “prescriptions” category.

    But just in case I am wrong and you are right, the right person to ask is his compounder (an outdated term which, if you don’t already know it, you’ll have to look up in a dictionary). Against an appropriate gratuity, I am sure the said individual will be more than happy to oblige, without compromising Doc’s professional integrity. 🙂

  10. As the wise @ maami said-//Know your ji jitsu and karata Doc? //Mallika is in Jackie Chan’s arms and you need more than twisted words to counter him.

  11. Ah, Vivek, my man, will you please call the appropriate gratuity that’s involved here? Having seen how you had expertly “compounded” the twists and turns in the doc’s posts in your comments, I presume that you must have a pretty good guess 😉

  12. Vivek Khadpekar


    Sorry, can’t help you there. Don’t do the kind of compounds involved. I get high enough without stimulants. 🙂

  13. ““Vat 69″ was, I am told, the Pope’s phone number in the days alphanumeric analog instruments.”
    Vivek (panting in urgency):
    Yeah, nowadays their instruments are digital.
    Bye, guys, catch you all later! Be good.

  14. “Bye, guys, catch you all later! Be good.”

    Be good? You certainly ask a lot of your readers, Doc.

  15. Hahahaha…. Hilarious doc!

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