I bow to her meme (such girly things, I tell you!).
Please consider this as my virtual autobiography. If I write any more, I risk being Pulitzered.
Answers have been deliberately toned down and made to sound banal to reduce the excitement levels of certain young and nubile female readers. Readers are advised to laugh at the serious comments, and ignore the dirty dainty ones, much like the Finance Minister looking askance at the Government’s oil companies’ impending bankruptcy.

I am: a Jack-off-all-traits.
I think: on my knees.

I know: that I know little, but can live with it.
I want: to stop responding to memes.
I have: holistic desire.

I wish: I had more muscle in my brain, and more brain in my muscles.

I hate: politicians, unethical people, exhibitionist belchers, and men with women I have the hots for.

I miss: Miss Mississippi sipping misty pee tea. Distasteful, depraved, disgusting and divine, this wordplay, is it not?
I fear: losing my professional independence.

I feel: with my hands. I have eyes on my fingertips. One of my strengths as a surgeon.

I hear: the silence of sound. Profound, I know!
I smell: do I? Nah! If there is something classy about me, it must be my body odor, always trailing a fancy name on a bottle. I smell things too (like food and women) before I, well, have a free intercourse with them. I am using the words in a very innocent, broad context, of course.

I crave: for Manuka honey, deliciously spread on the hot, juicy thighs of roast duck.
I search: for my intelligence.

I wonder: “how does the computer know so much, and I don’t?” I have been around longer than it has, after all.

I regret: not having seen much of the world.
I love: smart women and honest men.
I ache: dip inside.

I care: I am a hard core care giver. And I get paid for it.

I am not: 
a womaniser. Neither am I a layer liar.
I believe: in free willy.
I dance: 
when everyone is too drunk to realize I am dancing.
I sing: when bitten in the butt.

I cry: “Free this country of cuntrols!”
I don’t always: feel funny. Just ridiculous. 

I fight: addiction,
mostly to respond to impossible memes.
I write: No, I just imagine, and my keyboard responds like a woman with sensitive earlobes. What do you think?
I win: heads. And tails.
I lose: my way at night.

I never: say always.
I always: say never.

I confuse: myself, sometimes. Others, never.

I listen: to my wife.

I can usually be found: in, on, or by, a bed.
I am scared: of lung cancer. Not really. I am pretty much fearless, I realise.

I need: ten million dollars. A few years back, it was one. With inflation and the dollar going in different directions, I am not being greedy, am I?
I am happy about: being an honest man. Though I could do with some wits about me.
Oh, I forget! I have to do my duty to spread this obnoxious virus. Very well. Usha, Prerna, Nita and Shefaly, of course, are immediate candidates. Poor girls!

17 responses to “NOVA SAY NO TO NOVA

  1. How mean of you doc! 😛

  2. R-Doc: In sequence…

    I tagged you first for the brand meme so you go first. (Besides I am writing a huge report on a topic you should write about – gene therapy which is really eating into my brain…).

    Also Nova’s meme could be the easiest No Va (Spanish for ‘no go’ – old marketing hack for a badly named car; a bit like selling a Citroen in America). Digression over. Back to therapy, uh huh..

  3. Nice nice! Now I have to come up with something clever and funny too? Anyway a cute meme and I should be able to do it quickly.

  4. By the way if you are going in sequence, then there is a meme I tagged you for a long time ago, a movie meme. Don’t forget.

  5. haha. that was funny doc.

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  7. Doc boy, this is soooooooo unfair. I mean having to take up a tag AFTER you’ve set such high standards.
    Seriously someday you must do a post on your thoughts and feelings before, during and after a surgery. What do you feel after you’ve performed a complicated surgery?
    errr…Can I get away with all that flattery?

  8. Usha:
    You just did!
    A little lying is accepted among friends.

  9. Nita:
    Movies?!? I can’t do this, can I? What would I write on? I forget most of what I see! 😦
    I might give it a shot, only to spike it later.

  10. You should not pass on the virus. There is no point in reading it again on some other blog after reading yours. 😉

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  12. Its not a girly thing to do a meme!!! 😐

  13. @ R-Doc:

    One of my goals in the short-term is to obtain a bottle of Louis XIII. Just for the bottle, you understand. The catch is that the contents of course will have to be bought too but I am sure I find willing swillers for it. Alas I cannot find anyone willing to part with just the bottle for me… The price tag is eye-watering for possessing just the bottle. Unfair! 😦

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