I have often wondered why the French write in English and make things so painful for those at the receiving end of linguistic snobbery. You know, if you pronounce things wrong, the Francophiles raise up their eyebrows and curl their upper lips southwards by 10.55 degrees.
For example, how does one read this aloud?

You get my point?

The French have lots to learn from others forced to use English. The Bengalis, for example.
Look how well they have made pronunciation easy for those not very familiar with English!

Dhis woz taken at Kolkata’s notunest mall.
And thees bhan at won opf tha city’s cyber kapfays:

9 responses to “LINGO-RAJ

  1. The French write in English? How so? What I see is French in the text you have quoted.

  2. Usha:
    I meant the script: couldn’t it have been a European form of Arabic or Sanskrit or something similar? Then we wouldn’t have been expected to be able to read or pronounce it!

  3. La langue Francais – c’est plus facile a lire. C’est vraiment gentille aux oreilles 🙂

    Le bollocksy bengolli – I give up on that! Plus, (most not all) Bongs are often the most loud, argumentative and unintelligent peepul in the room anyway so have never bothered to decipher the Bong gibberish!

  4. As someone who routinely reviews technical papers in English by non-English speaking scientists (even Indians), I totally agree (at the risk of sounding a snob). Half the time I have no clue what they are trying to convey.

  5. Doc: That is funny! and my french friends say that it is the anglais who use a similar script sans accents etc…

  6. Feels great to find that there are people (apart from my 9 year old) who noticed the error at Kolkata’s notunest mall and took care to publish it….Hope the mall authorities too read this post. Anyways.. these errors do make our routine here very very interesting.

  7. Oh, and I find that, once again, I have missed answering so many comments!
    So solly, am!
    (speaking with breath coming out through the nares, and partly through the mouth)

  8. Absolutely indited written content , regards for selective information .

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