It has never happened, say critics, that this blog has tested the reader’s intelligence and knowledge, while pandering, instead, to their baser instincts with faux humor (notice the impressive French I use) and wordplay. Today, I wish to shut these critters up for good.
The prize first to this first-ever quiz is:
For men: a weekend holiday with me at your favorite getaway. What more, you even get to buy the tickets and the acco! In the likely event of more than one winner, please do mail me your CVs (even pictures will do) and bank statements. Final discretion lies with this blog owner.
For women: an arm-wrestling competition with me. Winner gets to buy the drinks!
Something tells me I got that the other way round, but I am in a hurry, so you get to understand it the way I meant.
The question, now, is simple:
What one word makes a man lose his hair, sleep, mental peace, potency and money?
Than answer has to match mine. No arguments, none. Mind it!

22 responses to “A ONE WORD QUIZ

  1. Multiple guesses allowed? I’d say “time”. Or “age”.
    First time visitor and I get a quiz yay!!

  2. also/or – dysfunction

  3. The falling Sensex

  4. Wife.
    Nothing else comes close.

  5. I’d agree with ‘wife’

    Problem is: wife is hardly a word. It’s a State of Absolut Fear – for the hubband

    So – I stick with “No”.
    I’ll have tonic with my G, merci

  6. If I thought you were serious, I’d say “worry” or “stress” or “disease”.

    But since this post is tagged “humor”, I will go with “family” 😀 (Why blame the wife alone? What about the kids and the in-laws? 😉 )

  7. To all ye new visitors/commentators:
    None of you have yet hit the nail on the head, though ‘wife’ sounded quite possible. However, think: except in the condition known in medicolegal parlance as impotence quod hanc, why should a wife cause loss of potency? I can understand loss of desire, but that is not the same.
    Good try, though, Marc, Rads, and Lekhni!
    Falling Sensex is not one word, unfortunately!
    Age or Time does not per se cause loss of sleep.

  8. “Come!”
    As in drop what you are doing and get over here – usually ends in bossy nagging.
    Other meanings too 🙂

  9. “Women”……:)

  10. R-Doc:

    I read this post after I posted my comment on the post right after this… So my answer is over there.

  11. It does once you’re dead!
    But I concede to ‘uncle’. 🙂

  12. I’m going to say Kids. Children. Progeny.

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