Dear Reader,
I have been away walking working like a dog, and getting dehydrated by losing all my sweat, seram and snot phlegm for the upliftment of Asia’s poor, especially those stricken by too much of soaps, confidence tricks votes, cricket, and Olympic ceremonies.
As one picture is worth a minor political speech, have a glimpse at my miserable life of the recent past. I have been suffering patients, creditors, conferential speakers, unfaithful girlfriends and the odd female colleague intent of improving bilateral intercourse.
Sigh, and many of you or your children want to be doctors!? The shame!!

A doctor’s life is a shallow cess pool of demanding patients, as you will agree.

At one of the places where the Indian government wanted my verification about the non-existence of a premiere Hindu god.

Bridges like these would not have created any politico-religious controversy.

One of the women who throw money just to enjoy my automatic drive and presence.

One of the delegates pensively thinking (choose one of the following):
1. How could we increase India’s medal tally?
2. What would happen if we gave independence to Kashmir and made India a free market of ideas and actions?
3. How many operations do I need to do to repay my tour operator?
4. Where the fork is my food?

Depending upon various geopolitical events (essentially if I can make up for the loss of my last stock market boo-boo), I may continue this thread another time, unless any of you physically injure me as a preventive measure.

17 responses to “WORKING LIKE A DOC

  1. R-Doc: We can only imagine how doc-tired you must be! After this ridoculous amount of work. What brought about this sudden surge-on of activity in your life? Has your patien-ce started to flag? Oh whatever. I give up. These tenuous words are testing and torturing my tenacity. I am doing the 100-push-up challenge; on day 2 today. You want to try too? 🙂

  2. Rambodoc, where did you end up? Pondy?


    1) Travel to a parallel universe or to the future.

    2) Prosperity.

    3) I guess 2.

    4) You are down in the south where nobody eats with a fork!

  3. By the way, that woman closely resembles one of my batchmates from medical college. Is she by any chance from Kerala?

  4. Srilanka? galle ? enjoi maadi

  5. Your rigorous work-outs seem to have had an effect. I remember a picture of you earlier and this, definitely an improvement. I guess I should reduce my blogging too and do more exercise!
    Enjoy your holiday!! Liked the pictures!!

  6. Naturally, I am horrified by the sweatshop conditions under which you labor, Doc! If only there were some way to join you in solidarity for your plight!

  7. Kudos from your geo politically challenged fan in Northern California. I often have no idea what you are alluding to but I am throughly entertained. L:ove U.

  8. Is it Sri- Lanka? Enjoy your holidays.

  9. Shefaly:
    Can you tell me more about the 100 push up challenge? I will surely take you up on it in due course, after I get over my sprained wrist (sustained from the T-push up).
    Kris, Prerna, Usha:
    Yes, Sri Lanka (Bentota, Kandi, etc.), and then Dhaka, and Kovalam beach, Trivandrum. This post has only the Lanka pics.
    Thanks, mate! Hardly the words to use for a poor doctor chasing nasty diseases of poverty.
    Yes, an hour is the least you should give your body. The least, believe me.
    My brother, I weep for your flings feelings. Hopefully, we will drink to our collective sorrows in Colorado one day.
    I accept your love with a pinch of sea salt!

  10. I am surprised you were not physically injured with all the operations down south.
    Reading your blog is like solving a crossword. Helps ward off dementia, I hope. At least for the readers.
    BTW, I don’t think “uncle” was justified at all.

  11. Far from the maddening crowd!!
    Enjoy your holidays. For a second, I almost fell for the first few lines. 🙂

  12. @ R-Doc

    The challenge is here:

    I just began this week. The programme expects one to do alternate days of the number of pushups determined by the initial test that one takes at the start. I am planning to repeat each day in the programme though. So it may take me 12 weeks and not 6.

    I also feel the wrists take the rap a bit. But I did find that neckache is all but gone. I get it periodically due to long hours of working on the PC.

    Do let me know how you get on. It is fun – so far. We will see how it goes as the number of pushups, well, push up. 🙂

  13. Hey Rambo, I’m originally from Trivandrum. I hope you loved your time there at Kovalam!

  14. And by the way, you did not answer my second comment. 🙂

  15. Lakshmi:
    That is a compliment, after all. Thank you!
    Oh, I am sorry. That woman is otherwise known as my first wife. Of course, as far as the records show, there has not been a second, yet.
    Never take this blog at face value, never! 😀
    Let me check this out, and I will get back. I am not keen on stressing my wrists, yet. I had to wait 3 weeks before resuming weights, and I now use the wrist bands that I thought would be useless. They are not.

  16. Wow, you must have had a great holiday. I wish someday I will be a selfless social worker doc like you.
    In fact, the MSF docs seem to be going to all exotic places, but you know the bombs and guns are a part of the tour package… Not my taste, really.
    Don’t you get tour operators as patients, who will say, Doc, yeh hernia ka operation udhar raha, khabhi bhi Mauritius jana ho, to bas phone karna…

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