You can get several resources in the web that give you sound advice on various aspects of physical fitness, like this one. In addition, you get comprehensive websites like Bodybuilding.com, where you can get videos of individual workouts you want to do perfectly, or get more knowhow. I prefer the blogs, finding them free of commercial disturbances.

In all these sites, you can find how exercise builds up your muscles, controls your blood pressure and your heart rate, bring your blood sugar levels down, and so many other things. The only thing exercise does not seem to do is to give you a hard-on.
Let us not, however, get distracted into that related minefield of calories and pelvic thrusts.

I have had a unique benefit from exercise, specifically stretching. This particular stretch consists of lying down supine, one knee folded on the other, and bringing the other knee to the chest, thereby stretching the folded one. I am sure this description is very clear, similar to the various descriptions of the Hadron Collider experiment and the physics behind it.

Okay, let me give it its proper name: the pyriformis-gluteus stretch.

(pic source: http://spyhunter007.com/Images/piriformis_gluteus_stretch.jpg)

This morning, as I was doing this, I heard an enormous pop from my right knee. If Usain Bolt had farted while running the 200 meter sprint, it must have been recorded in history as a similar sound. I am, rest assured, no Usain Bolt, either in running or in other matters. I checked my knee, and sure enough, it looked to be in one piece.

I had a long history of a cyst in the meniscus of my right knee. This was the result of an injury sustained in my college days, when I used to kick-start my Kawasaki motorbike every day, on the way to escorting pretty women who would hug me from behind. This used to be in the city of Bombay.

This cyst just ruptured today, and I am cured of the disease, thanks to my diligent exercising on my back.

Representative pictures only:

(source: here).
I am saved from one surgery.
I always knew I had it in me to be famous for doing something unique one day. Who would have known it would be for this!?


  1. @ R-Doc

    That is interesting – caveats are usually ignored by people when exercising. Which is the cause of most ‘injuries’ although most people I know, who do not exercise, cite injuries that have to have been incurred in their dreams since they never move their substantial posteriors from their sofas.

    Stretching _is_ a trick and a half. Learning how to stretch properly far harder than these web links have us believe. I am a proponent of learning under supervision, focusing on technique and listening to the sounds of one’s body – incl that of popping cysts 😉

    PS: That sounded painful but I hope it will be well soon.

  2. So if you come across anyone else with cysts of the meniscus, would you recommend stretching exercises instead of surgery?

    People being what they are, I suspect your patients won’t believe you 😦

  3. Ouch! I hope it didnt pain much. Is it true kick starting a bike daily can cause this cyst?? Is it a common case?

  4. Uh, when that thing popped, did it hurt?

  5. There goes my 20, 000 Rs!

  6. wow! cyst ruptured eh?

    Am going under for a meniscus tear and now I wish I’d rather ad that cyst! 😐

  7. Interesting, although I know nothing about cysts. I do know that stretching is done through yoga.

  8. Kriss Bass, not just 20,000. This is a very popular blog.

  9. Shefaly:
    LOL at injuries sustained in their dreams!
    My practice does not deal with meniscus injury patients, so it doesn’t matter!
    Reema, Rads and Nikhil:
    Any knee twist can lead to a miniscal or ligament tear, and that could lead to things like cysts.
    Thanks, and welcome!
    You could check the link at the beginning of the post.
    “This is a very popular blog.”
    What’s happening here? Don’t twist the cystem now!

  10. Read about cysts? Spare me Doc! 🙂

  11. dude… if your cyst is really cured , then you are really really lucky.. congrats for that bro

  12. @ Reema

    The ‘prevention’ would lie in keeping joints mobile and muscles supple. Stretching helps that. As does continual use 🙂

  13. @ R-Doc:

    This is on WP home page 11:30am British Summer time, 140908.

  14. Shefaly:
    I noticed it when the (readership) traffic started flooding in: from 15 it reached to 18 in next to no time (like in eight hours).

  15. Ah, a “geeky” post 😛 Never heard abt cysts before either but good to see that you got rid of that gift from Bombay!

  16. Good going! May all the cysts pop out of your body very soon. 🙂

  17. Whoa, thank God it was only the cyst that burst and not anything else. Looking at the picture, I would imagine the entire body in imminent danger of popping, loud noises and the such.

  18. Ah… a doc, recommending excercising for miniscle cysts… tsk tsk tsk…. 😛 😛

  19. “How to prevent surgery by stretching if you have some kind of Cyst” You are the new age surgeon, Rambodoc! Check to see if you can be on the Oprah show like Dr. Oz.

  20. Priyank:
    Me neither!
    No more due, I think.
    For miniscule cysts as well!
    My perennial social failing arises from a lack of TV. I don’t know Oz.

  21. Good to see that ur exercising is bearing fruit 🙂

    im contemplating doing some stretching myself
    any sites u recommend to get tips and regiments?

    ps : do u get any sun??

  22. u should have also posted an after pic for the dramatic effect

  23. Prax:
    What sun are you talking about?

  24. a cystematic stretch of the usefulness of exercise! Speaking of which I have started biking to work — hope that cures something!

  25. i meant your leg looks rather pale

  26. Prax:
    I did write ‘representative pic’ only, and gave the source link, too! It is not mine, my legs are far too sexy for me to post a pic of in a public blog.
    Nice to know you are back and a safe distance from India!

  27. 🙂 its not just ur leg – u my dear friend r a unique person!

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