Did anyone notice something?

I almost did not.

Tell me what?

One of you who read this blog or commented this morning was the 400,000th visitor.
I hope she was pretty, too!

Very soon, this blog will have its own version of the 401k nightmare!

16 responses to “DID ANYONE NOTICE?

  1. lol, wish you all the pretty ones Rambodoc, its not easy to score (#hits i mean) 🙂

  2. wah…wah…doc… awesome!! 🙂

  3. wow and I am the 400,100 now and I am pretty sure that it was I who was the 400000th too – I mean I came in the morning and I score on the prettiness criterion too. 🙂 (blushing!)

  4. How can you tell it is a girl. Was the click soft and silky smooth and pink? Congrats on the milestone. You have good investment in your 401K.

  5. When I was here it was 399999

  6. Congratulations!

    I sincerely hope 401k doesn’t really translate into retirement, though – what with it almost coinciding with 18-month anniversary! Unless they cancel each other out 😉


  7. Priyank:
    It’s the other score that really matters!
    I just knew it had to be you!
    I came in the morning and I score
    If you want people not to make tasteless, sheep cheap and hilarious jokes on your words, better choose them carefully!
    Gauri, Prerna, Sakhi, Bharath and Reema:
    Congrats! I mean thanks, thanks!!

  8. I was going to ask the same question as Dinesh Babu – how do you know your 400,000th visitor was a girl? But one look at the ratio of comments from men vs women has convinced me.

  9. Believe me you, it was me, me, I’m telling ya!

  10. congrats for those hits! 🙂

  11. Congratulations! You could start a revolution! But the moot point is not how many people are hitting you, it’s how many are hitting ON you. For a man of your charm, thousands, we are sure. CHeers!

  12. Congratulations, Doc! You are moving up fast in the world. But please share your secret — how come your blog gets all the wonderfully attractive babes while mine only gets you? 😀

    Seriously, you’ve created one of the most unique and innovative blogs I know of — you deserve those hits and I’m glad to see you get them!

  13. Paul:
    Simple. People know you are celibate, and you know how that generates suspicion. About me, they know I let it all hang out, so to speak, and they like what they see. Speaking purely metaphorically, of course.
    It is also possible that your tragically misguided politics brings only me to your most unique and inappropriate blog. But you deserve me, and as the ancient Indians said, if you have Krishna to drive your chariot, you don’t need no army!
    Bingo! So far, only a very, very modest score of just over zero!
    It was you the 400,000th, or you the prettiest one that morn?
    Thanks for reading the comments. The posts are another thing.

  14. She could be some Fat, ugly, hairy, pot bellied, scar faced, 60 years old uncle.
    Just trying to be practical! 😛

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