Mark this day as you read this post: you are now officially informed that there are some products certain gifted people who don’t blog are working on, just so that we have a more complicated future in the next decade or two.
For a truly awesome read, try the New Scientist.

Some of the devices that sound as unreal today as Mamata Banerjee’s sanity are as follows:
1. Superman vision: Radar devices the size of briefcases could pass waves through doors and walls and detect the presence of a living man. Think of counter-terrorism.
2. Invisibility Cloaks: we have all read about them in the Wonder Boy’s chronicles. Soon to be a reality, perhaps.
3. Zap-and-stop: A handheld ultrasound device (a high-focus ultrasound) can deliver a zap of sound waves to seal a bleeding vessel. Think US military and DARPA (and the articles I have written on them before).
4. Crouching Tiger Walks: You remember the award-winning Chinese movie where people walk laterally on walls and fly up and down trees as if gravity was only for the rest of us? That could become real in a way, with artificial nano-hairs that can stick to any surface and resist gravitational weights.
5. Jet-log: A backpack on you, and you fly to office. No more pesky office-hour traffic!
6. Translators: personal devices that translate any foreign language while it is being spoken, like they show in that disastrous flick called “From the Subprime to the Ridiculous”, better known as CC2C.
Read that article!

19 responses to “SMART TECH FOR THE FUTURE

  1. There you are! Good to have you back 😉

    So if you have 1, 2 & 5, do you need 4? 😐

    Please tell me #6 is not true, even in jest 😛

    Nice one 🙂


  2. Oh just saw the #6 item…the movie has touched new levels of trash.

  3. With #5, it is very likely that People will bump into each other often. #6 is already there. It is a translating fish that you have to drop into your ear and whatever foreign language people speak, it translates for you and sends it to your brain. Oh wait! That is from Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, never mind!

  4. Vivek S. Khadpekar


    //… artificial nano-hairs that can stick to any surface and resist gravitational weights.//

    Sounds like a cross between Velcro and Spiderman. Can the pili be chromatically matched with their epidermatic substratum?

  5. @Dinesh Babu,I think its with #2 that people will bump into each other esp. in places like bathrooms and girls hostels etc. 😉

  6. There you go….Bravo!!!
    Wish there could be work on some technology that can see into the future of our economies – except ofcourse theoretical assumptions of economists 🙂
    Guinea Fowl recipe on the out!

  7. #5 used to be a hot topic of research a few decades ago, and several rocket powered backpacks were tested.
    Somehow didnt quite work out then, for reasons of economics and safety.

    Maybe one day i will actually get to fly to work in one of those, while wearing my invisibility cloak, using the portable radar to detect people, and my hand held translator to figure out what they were plotting.

    I will be superman one day!

  8. just gotta say i really love your blog! keep the good work up!

  9. My predecessor commenter seems to be most interesting! I agree with his comment, nevertheless. As the actress said to the bishop, keep it up.

    Missed CC2C. Can’t seem to get anyone to come with me to the movie. Can’t risk going alone for fear of attracting the attention of alert psychiatrists.

  10. Amazing and very exciting too since all this is going to happen in our lifetime.
    and doc, great to see your post after the last one.

  11. Invisibility Cloaks!!! I need Invisibility Cloak. Thanks to all the people CC2C flopped.

  12. I want to cloak or the ability to walk through walls… 🙂

  13. these are quite interesting ,
    but definitely not as interesting as our great politicians like mamta …

    teleportation is one thing id prefer over jet packs
    remember star wars?

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  15. I liked the number #5. Imagine if we had this, we can save crores with no roads and money saved in fuel. Wow! 🙂 Great Post!!

  16. The 5th one is desperately needed.
    The positives-
    Traffic police carrying backpacks would look cute.
    Opportunity for advertisers- a fat person would earn more because he will have more advertising space to show.
    The price of the terrace flats will go up due to convenient landing space.
    Traffic jams is the sky would be scarier. Terrorists can misuse this invention, it will be difficult to check backpacks in the air.
    Too many complications Doc, not a good idea. Widen the roads, use public transport or cycle all the way to your office, don’t risk using the backpack.

  17. I have always imagined that all the offices should be in space and daily shuttles should take us there and leave us back home. Atleast we would have been saved from the frustration of getting stuck in a jam.
    That ways, the concept of working at a particular location in India would have vanished too. 🙂

  18. Interesting Prerna, Doc…
    Terrorist attacks are now a part of our subconscious thought process. People are really feeling insecure these days.

  19. DARPA members should read the story ‘DAWN’ by Leslie Charteris and get ideas to develop things suggested therein.

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