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Limericks: III

There once was a maid from MadrasWho had a magnificent ass.Not rounded and pinkAs you probably think,It was gray, had long ears, and ate grass.

Limericks: II

I wrote this when Ms. Michelle Bachelete became the first woman President of Chile, in March 2006: “There was a young woman of Chile, Who wanted to do something sille. She tried her luck in politics, But she developed fits, … Continue reading

Limericks: I

There is a guy from SA called Eric who posted this: “There was a young man from Cape Horn Who wished he had never been born,And he wouldn’t have been,If his father had seenThat the tip of his condom was … Continue reading


TOP QUOTES OF THE WEEK People magazine revealed that Obama will finally get his daughters a dog in April. The Obama’s joke that Barack will be the official Pooper Scooper; after all, Obama has experience; he’s been picking up all … Continue reading


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, and the week around that, people of Irish descent do all sorts of funny things and crack jokes on leprechauns and stuff, but a certain class of people write limericks. I did, … Continue reading


This is a page where I hope to place on public record the occasions when my cerebral serotonin levels went up to record-breaking and ball-breaking levels. You can read the few limericks I have written here.


Looking in the Universe, There is a blog of Verse, That deals with random news, Lest I offer you muse-reviews, Hit it, before my verse gets worse! There is another one with brain, That will, on proud India’s parade, rain; … Continue reading