In case you thought this web-blog is basically the product of a mind subjected to a Potter-esque mind-numbing Imperius Curse, I hereby confirm your suspicions by herding a bunch of my science-based posts on what is likely to happen in the future. Seriously, I think this is good stuff, if you are the sort of worm who crawls between page fifty-one and page nine-ninety-five of the Encyclopaedia Britannica between breakfast and dinner on a daily basis, this page is for you!

6 responses to “DEEP END OF THE MIND

  1. No wonder , this page has zero comments . Need to spice up this page with the philosophy of ” Life & Karma “.

  2. Rambodoc, I can’t find any email or anything to contact you with, so I’m forced to post here.

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog post on Falun Gong has been coopted by a chinese communist party hate propaganda site:

    This kind of stuff on that website is what they’ve been using to justify murdering the practitioners in China. You can read all about Falun Gong’s poisoning of beggars, necrophilia, homicide, suicide, and much beyond. And also about how nicely the party apparatchiks treat them once they have caught the wayward spiritual believers: they live in plush, air-conditioned facilities and watch DVDs and eat yummy food. No torture here.

    Thought you’d want to know.



  3. What, is this a part of some initiation process? Agreed it’s the first time I’m reading your blog, but just about any link I click on your Mid-drown tends not to work. Or don’t you just like my face? 😛


  4. Gauri:
    I am so sorry! WordPress has gone to the toilet, and will take time to respond to my (and your) complaints!

  5. 🙂 Fair enough. Will check another time…


  6. gajanan Navatre

    i am not able to comment over sorry

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