One of the things I committed to myself at the turn of the New Year (yeah, I still do the occasional silly thing, while modifying it to give it some respectability) was that I would give more importance and time to the Real World AND get more organised in my work. I have, therefore, tried to focus on things that really matter to my existence (blogging, honestly, does not, to most people I know- unless you have an internet-based business/network). For this reason, I have been off most of the blogs (including my own) and getting to be less visible in the world. How is this working for me?

For one, I am writing much more drily now- I feel like I have lost the capacity to write funny things, and when I try, it sounds like I am trying to suppress an enormous burp in public, drawing similar looks from neighbors. In the last few days and weeks I had written posts several times, but deleted them mercilessly each time because they were just not good enough. Ditto my comments in your blogs.

Two, I am supremely focussed on my fitness: I am losing more body fat and building strength every week, as I promised myself. At home, I spend time reading up fitness sites that give me more ideas to implement in real life, like IF (Intermittent Fasting). People who train me find me very focused and keen…. (cutting myself off, I am boring myself).

Three, I am keeping in touch with colleagues at work far better than before, with the result that I am getting more offers for one or the other. Today, I am going out of town, alone, for a prospective contract with a hospital that will result in more work and bring an extra carton of eggs to the table. Someone asked me recently, “So is your next car going to be a BMW?” To which question I told him BMWs don’t ride well in the street I live. In real fact, I (as a humble laborer-class surgeon) would qualify to buy the rear wheels and the brochure, but it probably wouldn’t get me anywhere. See, I told you? I am boring myself with my attempts at humor: they suck.
I am feeling suckcessful in life now. But I miss that feeling of getting a good post on the front page of the blog.

Four, there is the distinct (and unusual) lack of mischievous women around me. Is this further evidence of my engulfing andropause? Or have I become so focussed that I don’t notice them anymore? Point to ponder on my way.

On this unhappy note, I take your leave. I don’t even feel I know how to interest you in commenting on all this.

11 responses to “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!

  1. kya doc, ki holo? aap bhi na.
    think about your fan club, the real fans (people) in the virtual world, waiting to read your next post eagerly.
    unusual lack of mischievous women – hmmm, interesting doc u r πŸ˜‰

  2. Doc, folks read coz they want to, and you will write when and if you want to. Both are not as related as much as you think, or anyone does for that matter. My 2 cents.

    Now, body fat. yes, I am interested. very. May I interest you in writing further on it. I promise you won’t bore me. Yeah?

  3. Well, RDoc, this could just be a short phase, hopefully. Your readers do look forward to your funnies – that includes me. Real life interests, like the one you mentioned of physical fitness and career focus are certainly more important. But keep your mind open to receiving those extraordinary fun ideas in all that you do.

  4. lol πŸ˜› πŸ˜† no it wasn’t humorous at all πŸ™‚

  5. Vivek S. Khadpekar


    “Andropause”? Hmmm.

    I thought there was enough room for double-entendre in “men”-o’-pause.

  6. My sympathies. I tend to find humor hard to come by when I’m stressed, consciously or unconsciously. Do feel-good things. Movies, music, old friends, shopping with wife. Works like magic.

    Ciao, and apologies for gratuitous advice

  7. Cummon Doc,
    You can already see the side effects of pulling away….. keep in the swing and let the good things flow…for a change maybe you can entertain us with your low calorie recipes?!

  8. Good to hear that you have taken control of your life doc! I think you are happier now. At times I feel tempted to do exactly what you are doing because me too am missing out on work and exercise too, all because of my blog!
    However I have not reached the stage yet where I can give it up, although I force myself to write no more than 3 posts a week and even this eats into my work time!
    Well, about your blog, I don’t think you need to try and write something funny. The character of a blog can change. In fact mine has quite a bit. So I think you should just write what you feel strongly about!
    But don’t go away. We will all miss you if you do!

  9. So Every Blog goes through a mid life crisis is it! You can always change course, write about something else, diversify and then get back to being funny. It is always good that way!

  10. I think this post was funny! I am not joking! πŸ™‚

  11. Well, I think “suckcess” comes quite naturally to you, for I am commenting and I see 10 “suckers” before me! πŸ™‚
    Humor, fitness and bmw s, all together, a sure remedy for point #4. And I thought you were the doc! πŸ™‚

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