Here is the second and final part of the ramble on America’s food and fitness, at the Six Pack Doc’s blog.

6 responses to “THE RAMBLE ENDS

  1. Hi!
    your site has just come up as a related post to my latest post ‘Points to Ponder: Life as an ambush in waiting….’ on Writing from the Twelfth House, my site for writers and readers. I like your sense of humour and your approach – think you might like mine! Anne W

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. How’s your new site coming up so far? Good luck!

  3. hey first time here..nice blog:) welcome to Indiblogger!!!My blog has been nominated 4 d best blog award in short story sec.. I request u to check my blog 2 and vote 4 me @

  4. i sincerely hope that the six pack doc doesn’t pack up rambodoc’s twists bcause humor is as important an aspect of life as food and fitness
    that said im off to ur other blog.

  5. how can u fast for 30 hrs non stop?

  6. Annewhitaker:
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am not blogging much these days, so am slow to respond.
    In good time!
    Prax: I just did a 40 hour fast. Great experience!

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